TENGA Holiday Gift Guide 2023

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the time for Holiday gift shopping. The time where you start frantically trying to figure out what to get those special people in your life, while simultaneously thinking “what the heck do I want for Christmas?” We have all been there. That’s why to help with shopping stress, we put together a gift guide that features some TENGA and iroha items that are awesome Christmas present ideas. Take a look to see what would be good for those you care for, and you may find something to throw on your own wish list. 



For Beginners 

A question we hear a lot is, “What TENGA item should I start with?” The answer is that it really depends on your tastes and preferences. However, we got a few recommendations to help you get the perfect beginner-friendly gift. 


First off, you can’t go wrong with the TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP. With its special structure, tight squeeze, and unique details that were designed for creating unrivaled stimulation. This item will provide a suction that will bring pure joy. What makes this item so great for beginners is the pretty low commitment to the world of pleasure that TENGA offers. The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP is a one time use disposable item at an affordable price. So if the person you are buying for wants to try TENGA, but is worried about trying something new, the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP is a good, low-risk option. 


In a similar vein, the TENGA EGG Series is also a great starter item that would make a great christmas gift. While it doesn’t provide suction like the TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP, TENGA EGGs all come with unique internal details that will rub and stimulate differently. While the EGG does look small at first, during use it can be stretched pretty far and hit all the right spots to provide that toe-tingling pleasure. Thanks again to its stretchability, TENGA EGGs can fit almost any sized user, making it a perfect present. 

Though that brings the question “Well there seems to be over 20 of these things, which one do I get?”  There are two answers. One, you can check out our full guide of How to Choose from the TENGA EGG Series and see which EGG sounds like something you, or the person you are buying for, might like. Two, you can try out our EGG Variety Packs ( WONDER, NEW STANDARD, and HARD BOILED ). Each pack comes with six different EGGs so users can try out a variety to see what they like!


Perhaps the person you're buying for has already explored disposable items and is hoping for something a bit more reusable this Christmas. In that case, the TENGA SPINNER makes for an excellent choice. As the winner of the 2019 Red Dot Design Award, the TENGA SPINNER is a highly popular item. What distinguishes the SPINNER from other TENGA products are its internal coils, enhancing the experience with a sensual, twisting squeeze with every stroke. If you're unsure about which SPINNER to go for or add to your Christmas list, feel free to check out our How to Choose from the TENGA SPINNER SERIES guide.

These items are a great introduction to what you can experience with TENGA and are loved by both beginners and seasoned users alike. That said, if you have a person on your gift list who has a little more experience, here are some items that they might enjoy. 

For Seasoned TENGA Users

TENGA Puffy Mint Green

Let's delve into some offerings that seasoned TENGA users might find particularly enjoyable.  This year has seen the launch of several fantastic new TENGA products, all being excellent options for Christmas gifts. Take, for instance, the TENGA Puffy Mint Green. Have you ever experienced a level of luxurious softness that surpasses expectations? Have you ever used a toy with a sponge-like material that provides a cushiony sensation, making you feel like you've drifted off into a pool of marshmallows? If that sounds like something you or a friend would be interested in, the Puffy Mint Green is perfect. Pair it up with a TENGA HOLE LOTION such as HOLE LOTION MILD to give that special someone a ticket to cloud nine.

Sometimes there is that one person you know who is really hard to buy presents for. They don’t know what they want and neither do you. In such cases, the FLIP Series can save the day. There are a lot of items in this series, but here are some recommendations from us: 


  • FLIP ZERO: You might have encountered this product in the "Best Sellers" collection, and rightfully so. This high-end toy utilizes the finest materials and features some of TENGA's most intricate designs to ensure you experience the most sensational pleasure possible.This toy is for the person that you REALLY like, providing them different internal parts and details that stimulate from various different angles. TENGA FLIP ZERO GRAVITY BLACK
  • FLIP ZERO GRAVITY BLACK: Featuring condensed internal details, the GRAVITY BLACK minimizes interference during use. This is for those looking for smoother and faster strokes that will blow you out of this world with pleasure. Crafted with firmer material, the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY BLACK offers a satisfying squeezing sensation. When purchasing this as a gift, consider adding the HOLE LOTION REAL; its moisturizing properties complement the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY BLACK, ensuring added moisture without causing stickiness that might impede the rapid strokes of this pleasure enhancer.
  • FLIP ORB STRONG ORANGE CRASH: Buy the gift of explosive sensations with this stronger, firmer version of the FLIP ORB ORANGE CRASH. Aptly named for the firm orbs encased inside the elastomer, the FLIP ORB STRONG ORANGE CRASH delivers a layered sensation that is entirely unique once in use.

Alright, you got gift ideas for those who might enjoy TENGA (or maybe some ideas of what to ask for). But you’re not done yet! Here are some gifts that you can buy for those who would prefer a gift from iroha

iroha gifts

Like TENGA, iroha items are great for individuals exploring various methods of self-pleasure and seeking to fulfill their bodies' natural desires for pleasure. You have many great iroha items to choose from for a gift, but here are some recommendations from us. 

It can be tough asking someone what kind of pleasure item they would want as a gift if they don’t have a lot of experience with self-pleasure. A good place to start would be anything from the iroha ukidama series. 

iroha ukidama

When choosing the iroha ukidama as a gift, you're not just buying a massager; you're offering a complete rejuvenating self-care experience. Completely waterproof and adorned with its beautiful outer designs, the ukidama also serves as a soothing light in the bath, transforming a regular soak into comprehensive self-care indulgence. Beyond its aesthetic features, the ukidama offers three different vibration strengths and an enticing vibration pattern, enhancing each intimate moment for that special someone. Choose from three beautiful designs; TAKÉ, HOSHI, and HANA

Is that special someone looking for a gift that delivers stronger sensations? In that case, the iroha+ series is the perfect choice. Winner of the 2017 Red Dot design award, the iroha+ comes with a powerful motor, soft-touch material, and is waterproof. Anyone receiving an iroha+ as a gift is sure to be delighted. You have three different models that provide unique features to choose from:

iroha plus tori

  1. iroha+ TORI : Thanks to its bird-like shape, the TORI features a smooth tip that allows for insertable pleasures.
    iroha plus kushi
  2. iroha+ KUSHI: With a ribbed design and more defined edges, it delivers stronger stimulations while maintaining a softer touch.
    iroha plus yoru
  3. iroha+ YORU: Boasting an open design, it invites gentle squeezing and teasing for a delightful experience.

Choosing an iroha+ ensures that your present will be met with joy, offering a thoughtful and pleasurable experience for your special someone. There are truly no wrong choices when gifting the iroha+.

iroha mai

Last, but certainly not least on our list, we have the new iroha mai as a gift option. Launched earlier this year, the iroha mai is packed with a variety of pleasure-inducing features that your gift recipient is sure to adore. 10 distinct sound-based patterns that weave a unique tapestry of sensations. How is this possible? It's all thanks to the HapticWAVE™ technology, that converts low frequency sounds into vibrations that can be enjoyed during self-pleasure. To go even further, every sound pattern comes with three vibration strengths to give users more ways to experience pleasure. With the iroha mai, it’s not just a gift, but an invitation to a sensory journey.


Alright, you've got your list, and hopefully, you've checked it twice. Now, you're all set to go out and get the gifts for the people you care about. Or, at the very least, you've found something to throw on your own Christmas wish list. With items ranging from beginner-friendly to those that will blow away even the most seasoned TENGA/iroha veteran, follow this guide, and you'll make the holidays even happier.  

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