Why you Should Check Out the TENGA EGG Lotion

The TENGA EGGs are a sensational, classic, and compact TENGA product that have brought pleasure to many for years on end.

While designed with the customer in mind, it can’t be helped that the TENGA EGGs do need lubrication to fulfill the limits of pleasure that can be reached.
There is a packet of TENGA EGG Lotion that comes inside every TENGA EGG, but there’s always that chance that you need some more of that lubrication on hand and ready to go.

For this reason and more, let’s take a look at the EGG-shaped lotion product, the TENGA EGG Lotion.


The TENGA EGG Lotion

The TENGA EGG Lotion provides a simple function, to conveniently lubricate your TENGA items!

This product’s features include:

  • A compact EGG-shaped bottle, about 2 and a half inches tall.
  • Water-based, multi-purpose lotion.
  • A convenient pop-open cap and nozzle for easy application. Can even be applied one-handed!

If lubrication on-the-go sounds like a convenience you’ve been looking for, the TENGA EGG Lotion is a must-own.

While the EGG Lotion is designed for TENGA EGGs, it can be a substitute for lubricating your other reusable TENGA items, making the TENGA EGG Lotion a perfect travel companion for any TENGA user.

A Quick History of the TENGA EGG Lotion

TENGA paved its path to success by selling pre-lubricated disposable items, specifically the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP.

When TENGA joined the reusable items game, it was clear that a TENGA-brand Lotion specifically formulated for TENGA items was a necessary product to maximize customer satisfaction.

Thus, the TENGA HOLE Lotion was created, and currently comes in MILD, REAL, WILD, SOLID, and a limited COOL edition.
While the TENGA EGG Lotion has a different formula then the HOLE LOTION items, it is still highly reviewed and does not lack on the quality aspect despite its compact size and lower price.

TENGA EGG Lotion Reviews

We checked the TENGA STORE USA to see what people are saying about the TENGA EGG Lotion.

Take a look at these reviews to hear about the EGG Lotion from purchasers of the product!

*edited for brevity and clarity

Egg Lotion - 5 Stars

Best lube I have ever used.

Awesome 👏 - 5 Stars

Hands down the best lube I’ve tried.

Great on the eggs - 5 Stars

If using on the eggs… amazing and perfect.


The TENGA EGG Lotion is the perfect lubricant in the palm of your hand. If you have any desire for more lubrication for your TENGA EGGs, the EGG Lotion will serve you well.

The compatibility of the EGG Lotion bottle is hugely beneficial for TENGA users, as it’s the compact size of the EGG that makes them great for trips and travel.

Not to mention, the EGG shape of the bottle itself is a cute touch that you won’t find outside of the TENGA brand.

Carrying liquid products around can get heavy quickly, so grab an EGG Lotion if you need a compact lubricant for your TENGA items, especially the TENGA EGGs!

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