Why you Should Check Out the TENGA XTR CUP

Shopping around for the right sex toy but worried that you're wasting time and money trying to find the right one for you? With an overload of options these days, how can you be sure you are getting the best product at the best quality and price?

That is why we create so many TENGA Reviews for you! This time we feature the TENGA XTR CUP. For those looking for a very affordable sleeve with an amazing "extreme" sensation, this may be the TENGA CUP for you. Keep reading to learn more.



  • A Quick History of the TENGA CUP Series
  • The TENGA XTR CUP Lineup
  • Summary

  • A Quick History of the TENGA CUP Series

    the original five - TENGA Original Vacuum CUPs

    At TENGA, we make different sensations for every kind of person. And this desire to serve our diverse customers and fans is clearly represented in the variety of our flagship series, the TENGA CUP Series.

    The TENGA CUP Series is the one that started it all! The TENGA Standard CUP Series are the first five disposable sex toys the TENGA brand produced. TENGA's popular TENGA Original Vacuum CUP, TENGA Soft Case CUP, TENGA Rolling Head CUP, TENGA Dual Sensation CUP and the TENGA Air Flow CUP. Over the years, additional CUPs have been added to the lineup to make it the diverse array that it is now.

    To allow people to find the right level of stimulation, TENGA has also made Strong and Gentle versions of the standard CUPs, as well as EXTRA Strong and Gentle versions of the Original Vacuum CUP, to take things to a whole new level.

    Today we want to focus on this TENGA XTR CUP lineup and note all of its features and benefits.

    The TENGA XTR CUP Lineup

    From the Heights of EXTREME Gentleness, To the Depths of EXTREME Strength

    From the Heights of EXTREME Gentleness, To the Depths of EXTREME Strength

    All of our CUPs give amazing stimulation and pleasure, but for those who want to take it up a few notches, TENGA has developed the XTR CUP Lineup. The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA GENTLE has an exquisite embrace you can sink into. Contrastingly, the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA STRONG provides an extreme constriction for you to plunge into.

    Here is a breakdown of the different XTR CUPs available:




    The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA GENTLE is our most indulgent sensation ever. With an internal design of soft and smooth invigorating nubs, the XTR Gentle CUP provides a mind-blowing wrapping sensation!



    The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP EXTRA STRONG is TENGA's most powerful stimulation yet! As you can see above, the internal design and firmer elastomer provide a unique gripping sensation. 

    For those who would like to experience a new level of GENTLE & STRONG stimulation, these new additions to the TENGA CUP SERIES will satisfy even the most experienced TENGA user.

    So let’s recap the amazing features of the XTR CUPs:

    The fine details and smooth nubs designed into the soft material provide an exquisitely gentle wrapping stimulation. This is TENGA CUP SERIES' most indulgent sensation yet.

    An extreme constriction, with a radical internal design that twists and turns, providing an extraordinary gripping sensation. The TENGA CUP SERIES' most powerful stimulation yet.

    • Disposable, hygienic, and both are priced so affordably! You can check them out here. Try both XTR CUP models for some naughty and nice sensations!

    We know firsthand how amazing the XTR CUPs are, but if you are interested in other discreet, meticulously designed TENGA pleasure products, you can check out our site here.



    XTR CUPs are one of TENGA’s most unique disposable products

    The XTR CUPs are one of TENGA’s most unique disposable products, perfectly merging the epitome of sensations with functionality. Using the highest quality materials as well as state of the art engineering, these CUPs are definitely the cream of the crop. Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out this amazing product, maybe as a gift for yourself or for a friend, especially since it's the right season for sharing. If you are looking to buy a new sex toy this year, you need to check out what TENGA has made just for you.

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