TENGA FLEX Series Review Roundup

The TENGA FLEX is a soft, reusable masturbation sleeve featuring a flexible outer casing. The TENGA FLEX was originally released back in 2016, however the series has recently been renewed with two additional models. The FLEX now comes in 4 different colors, each with different intricate internal details. 

The case is specially designed with a flexible material that can create a unique twisting action, and moving the FLEX up and down while the air hole is covered  loosens and tightens the spiral-shaped case. Discovering these new sensations is something that one simply needs to experience for themselves. You'll lose yourself in spiraling sensations and winding vacuum suction with the TENGA FLEX!

The removable elastomer sleeve is easily washed with water for repeated use and the cap can be inverted to act as a stand, allowing for easy, hygienic drying. 

The FLEX is a great option for those looking for a more discreet item. They also make perfect gifts! Keep reading to find out more about the TENGA FLEX and how to choose one for yourself or for someone else.

the TENGA FLEX Series


An Introduction to the FLEX Product Series

four FLEXes to choose from, each with different internal details

The first thing that often catches the user's attention is the sleek spiral design of the TENGA FLEX. This spiral casing is not just visually attractive, it also plays an important role in creating the spiraling sensation over the shaft. The spiral casing with its flexible material, when moving up and down, will tighten and loosen creating a dynamic spiraling sensation thanks to the vacuum created inside when you cover the air hole with your finger. You can easily manipulate the device to your liking to create the ultimate sensation, by twisting and squeezing it. The malleable material also allows the cap to be inverted into a stand for hygienic drying.

As we mentioned briefly, the TENGA FLEX series currently contains 4 variations, SILKY WHITE, ROCKY BLACK, BUBBLY BLUE, and FIZZY GREEN, with BUBBLY BLUE and FIZZY GREEN being the newest addition to the series. So what is the difference between these 4 FLEXes? Keep on reading to find out! 

Here are the Product Specifications for the FLEX:

  • Size (D × W × H inches): 6.93 × 2.89 × 2.89
  • Insertion Length (inches): 6.10
  • Insertion Width (inches): 2.00
  • Weight (oz): 10.88
  • Materials: Elastomer, PP
  • Sample TENGA HOLE LOTION REAL (0.17 fl.oz.) Included

TENGA FLEX SILKY WHITE - Gentle spiral ribs accompanied by delightful suction.

FLEX Silky White

The internal details are smoother with a softer elastomer sleeve. For those looking for something on the gentler side, or not sure where to begin, the FLEX SILKY WHITE is a great item to start with.

TENGA FLEX ROCKY BLACK - Strong spiral ribs that stimulate with dynamic suction.

FLEX Rocky Black

With internal details that are more intricate and a firmer elastomer sleeve, the ROCKY BLACK is great for those looking for stronger sensations.


TENGA FLEX BUBBLY BLUE - Dynamic internal details that envelop with spiraling stimulation.

FLEX Bubbly Blue

Designed with the twisting motions in mind, the details are placed and positioned perfectly to amplify the spiraling sensations. One of our newer additions.

 TENGA FLEX FIZZY GREEN - Countless fine nubs thrill with packed swirling sensations.

FLEX Fizzy Green

The FIZZY GREEN’s new design allows the users to experience incredible sensations throughout.

 You can watch the FLEX in action on the following video.

*The TENGA FLEX received the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2018


PRODUCT Series Customer Reviews

We’ve looked at how to use the TENGA FLEX before, but here we’ll take a look at what customers have to say about the series. 

・Disclaimer: Reviews may have been shortened and edited for clarity.

Best Thing Since Flip-Hole 

“Title speaks for itself but I'll explain anyway. The Flex is the least noisy selection in the series due to the hole atop the device, allowing air to escape. Such a simple addition but it does so much for privacy. Spiraling suction effect is top-notch and is incorporated into the design, making it more "natural" feeling than that found in the Spinner. Material is identical to that of the Tenga Cup series; a welcome departure from the clear TPE material present in other models. Ergonomically similar to the Aero but is easier to clean, since the insert can be inverted.”

spiraling suction

Absolutely Fantastic Product

“I finish in like eight seconds with this thing, and cleanup couldn't be simpler.
Bravo, Japan. You're always known for quality engineering.”

drying stand


“Convenient size and packaging allows for travel easily. Certainly tight. Once you learn the suction it becomes dangerously enjoyable.”

get started and go!


“Yeah, this thing is good. nice suction, retains warmth, and has a bunch of fun textures to spice it up. plus the case being part of its cleaning process is a plus, and it looks discreet enough so that people wouldn't know what it is at first glance.”

Curious about why these people found the FLEX to be so enjoyable? Find out for yourself here.

Which FLEX Do I Choose?

spiraling sensations like you've never experienced!

Still not sure which one to choose? If you are not sure, you could go with the classic TENGA FLEX SILKY WHITE. It is a great beginner’s choice and from there, eventually move to the stronger sensations, like the ROCKY BLACK or the recent models, BUBBLY BLUE and FIZZY GREEN, for a new experience thanks to the different internal details combined with the unique spinning suction. Whatever FLEX you choose, you can’t go wrong with all the features and benefits of the FLEX.

But always keep in mind these are only our recommendations. Follow your own feelings and you’ll be sure to find something that is amazing for you. If you need a guide on how to use your TENGA FLEX then check out our helpful guide here. Just be sure to enjoy yourself and your new TENGA FLEX!

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