TENGA FLIP Series Review Roundup

The TENGA FLIP series is one of the most popular reusable TENGA products globally, as well as being one of the best selling series overall. There is also a LOT of variety within the entire FLIP Series lineup, from the FLIP 0 (and the FLIP 0 EV), the FLIP HOLE and even the FLIP ORB. We’ve already written about how to choose and how to use your TENGA FLIP, now let’s check out the reviews. We’ll take a look at which FLIP comes out best reviewed from each individual FLIP Series.


A Brief Intro to the TENGA FLIP Series


those who may not be as familiar with the FLIP Series, these products were designed with three main reasons in mind:

1) Designed to flip open for easy lubrication and washing

The FLIP Series pioneered male sex toys in their ease of cleaning. A lot of sex toys before the FLIP Series were, and still are, hard to clean and keep hygienic. The FLIP Series solved that with an innovative flip-open design.

2) They offer the most intricate internal details of all TENGA products (and on the market!)

Every TENGA product is designed with a unique selling point in mind, but each of the FLIP Series has been designed to include some of the most intricate interior details of all the TENGA products. This is due to the high-level molding technology used by TENGA.

3) They all offer variations of stimulation strength among their respective series

All of the FLIP Series products have a variety of different stimulations in their series. From a more ‘gentle’ sensation to a firmer, stronger stimulation, you can find the right product for your preferences within each of the FLIP Series.

・Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.

Different FLIP Series Reviews

As mentioned we will be taking a look at which FLIP gets the best reviews from each respective series, the FLIP HOLE Series, the FLIP ORB Series and the FLIP 0 and FLIP 0 EV Series. First up let’s take a look at the FLIP HOLE.


The original FLIP HOLE (White) takes the top spot when it comes to the FLIP HOLE Series. Based on the reviews, an impressive 71% of people give this original FLIP a 5-star rating. Here are just a few comments previous buyers made:

TENGA Flip Hole Review
Absolutely incredible product! Feels so real!!!

Flip it up!
This thing rules!

This toy is amazing. Get one now!

Most Pleasure from a toy
This toy gave me more pleasure than any other toy I’ve used



Out of the four variations of the FLIP ORB, the FLIP ORB STRONG ORANGE CRASH comes out solidly ahead of the rest. Based on the reviews, 57% of people give this award winning FLIP a 5-star rating Here are some of the reviews left by customers:

I’m in orbit
It’s great product. So realistic and very intense

The only kind of onahole anyone should buy
Title says it all. The FLIP series are the only reasonably reusable and cleanable onas out there. The orbs in these take the sensations up a notch too, and make these truly amazing to have.

Feels incredible
This stroker is great. Strong Intense Nobby inside. The internal orbs hugs and stroke your shaft and head very firmly. It has good suction too! Came in under a minute the first time I used it. Intense pleasure for sure!!

Better then the Flesh Light.
10x easier to clean. Similar feel. Next purchase will probably be the Vibrating One!

FLIP 0 Series  

Out of the two most popular FLIP products, the FLIP 0 White comes out as the buyers’ favorite, and as the most purchased of all FLIP Series items. Based on the reviews, an amazing 76% of people give the FLIP 0 a 5-star rating. Here are the thoughts from the people who purchased this model:

Exceeded expectations
Greatly impressed by the design and thought put into this toy. 10/10 recommended

Worth every penny!
This is not my first Tenga product and it won’t be my last, but it is certainly the best so far! It’s amazing! The sensation is incredible and it feels like nothing I’ve ever had before. Treat yourself!

The Real thing!!!
Thank you Tenga...the Tenga Flip Zero White is utterly amazing...it feels like the “real thing”. It is also helping with some lack of sensitivity (as I have aged) by not having to masterbate traditionally. It will help me when having intercourse with my lady. Thanks again!
During Physical Distancing....A life saver!
Having over productive testicles / Hyperspermia! This product has helped me out extremely well during COVID-19 physical distancing! Great product! Feels real and super easy to clean!

FLIP 0 EV Series  

In a reversal of results, the FLIP 0 EV Black, known as the strongest and most detailed of the FLIP 0 series, triumphs when it comes to sheer sensational power. It makes sense; if you want to try the strongest sensations then you should pair our strongest materials with our strong, vibrating item. Based on the reviews, an impressive 74% of people give the FLIP 0 EV Black a 5-star rating. The comments in the reviews back this rating wholeheartedly:

Best I've ever used!
This is the best masturbater I've ever used. Completely satisfied. Orgasms do not take long, and feels so good even if vibration is not used.

Exactly what I was looking for!
I have a regular TENGA Zero and it is amazing. But then it hit me .... Do they make one that vibrates? Because that would be unbelievable....and sure enough I found out they do. EVERYTHING I expected it to feel like. But don't get it if you want you pleasure to last for more than a minute or two.....it will finish you off before you even know what happened!

The purchase was a gift for a friend. He said he had the most intense experience using this product. Pleased with his gift!

This is great even using it just manually is good fun.

On The FLIP Side

When it comes to the FLIP Series, every line features at least two different sensations. Often potential buyers find it difficult to choose between the options even when they have narrowed it down to a single series. So let’s see how people review at least a couple of the 'opposite' models.



As the FLIP HOLE White won in best reviewed, it only fits that we’d take a look at the FLIP HOLE Black, although the FLIP HOLE Silver and FLIP HOLE Red (both currently out of production) review well too. Here are a couple of reviews from previous buyers:

My favorite
Of all my Tenga products this one is my all time favorite, in fact I wore the first one out. I highly recommended it for bliss and feelings beyond measure!

Great product
Best toy I’ve ever bought. I’m hooked!!


As the FLIP ORB STRONG ORANGE CRASH won most reviewed, the most ‘opposite’ product we can look at here is the FLIP ORB BLUE RUSH. Check out a couple of comments customers made:

Good all around
Good sensation, extremely easy to clean. Would recommend leaving it open for a few hours after cleaning to dry out. Read reviews about the differences between the blue, orange and strong versions before you get one.

Good Design
I love the open style for cleaning and drying... The open style in the tenga is the best for cleaning.

FLIP 0 Black  


Of course when it comes to both the FLIP 0 and FLIP 0 EV series, each have both a White and Black variant. Since the FLIP 0 White reviewed best, let’s take a look at a couple of reviews from FLIP 0 Black buyers: 

I love it!
This is legit my first toy and I am amazed how it gives me pleasure. I'll definitely recommend this to my friends!

Feels Amazing!
This thing feels fantastic! The outside design feels great in my hand. The pressure pads add variable intensity. The intricacies of the soft silicone on the inside create a truly unique masturbatory experience. I've used it a number of times and there's no sign of wear. Highly recommend!


Just because the FLIP 0 EV Black is the pinnacle of strong sensations in the TENGA FLIP Series line, it doesn’t mean the FLIP 0 EV doesn’t satisfy. Here are a couple of reviews on the gentler of the vibrating sex toy variants:

TENGA Flip Zero EV
Great product. With all the setting, you are going to find one that gets you off.
It truly deserves all the five stars. The feel is very real, its easy to clean… Best product I’ve bought this year.

Which TENGA FLIP Do I Choose

Even with all these reviews it might still be a little difficult to decide which FLIP is right for you. Here’s some of our suggestions. For all-around quality in both durability and stimulation, the FLIP 0 is second to none. It is certainly one of our high-end offerings, but the satisfaction rate is well worth it. If you’re wanting pure strength, then we’d recommend trying out the FLIP 0 Black.

No matter which FLIP Series product you buy however, make sure to consider purchasing at least one of the HOLE LOTIONs to make sure your experience is well lubricated. With so many FLIP Series products, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.

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