The 8 Best Sex Toys from TENGA that you can Buy Online

At height of the global COVID-19 pandemic last year, TENGA’s Global Self Pleasure Report that over half of US Adults between 18-54 have used a sex toy previously and over 60% plan to continue increased use of their sex toys post-pandemic! If you haven’t bought or tried a sex toy before, now is the best time to try something new.


The 8 Best Sex Toys for Penises from TENGA

Whether you’re a beginner with sex toys or just looking to try something new, these are our top 8 recommended TENGA sex toys you can buy online

Original Vacuum CUP

The Original Vacuum CUP is one of the flagship products from TENGA, so it makes sense that it would be a recommendation. Ready to use, amazing sensations (that have been renewed and upgraded in 2021!) and simple cleanup. The Original Vacuum CUP is both a great beginner sex toy to try and a favorite among more experienced users. 


The FLIP 0 White is not only one of TENGA’s most luxurious products, but one of the most popular. If you’re looking to treat yourself to one of the best stimulating experiences then this product is for you.

There is also the EV (Electronic Vibrations) versions, for those looking for the very best sensations TENGA has to offer, however, we recommend the FLIP 0 White as a first step into high-end sex toys


The TENGA SPINNER Series are so popular, we added three more to the lineup in 2020. For the best all-around experience and introduction to the series, we’d recommend the TENGA SPINNER TETRA. The SPINNER Series while popular are also very affordable, making them a great product to try or as an addition to your collection.


The TENGA EGG Series are one of our most famous versatile, super stretchable disposable products. Our recommended first TENGA EGG would be the TENGA EGG Wavy, one of the original EGGs and one of the consistent best-sellers in terms of single EGGs.

You can buy TENGA EGGs individually or in Variety Packs, so you can try a single EGG to see if they are right for you, or a whole pack to see which design stimulates you the best

TENGA FLEX Rocky Black

The TENGA FLEX is one of our most recommended portable reusable products. If you’re looking to try something discreet and easy to travel with, the FLEX is perfect. Our recommended TENGA FLEX is the TENGA FLEX Rocky Black, featuring a slightly stronger stimulation. Just wind and unwind while stroking to create a feeling of spinning stimulation!

TENGA 3D Spiral

The TENGA 3D Series is another soft, more accomodating products for users that may find size an issue. Although not quite as stretchable as the TENGA EGGs, the softness of the 3D means it is still stimulating enough for both beginners and experienced sex toy users. Our recommended TENGA 3D is the TENGA 3D Spiral for a winding, stimulating design


The TENGA GEO Series was designed to be very similar to the TENGA EGGs, but reusable. The TENGA GEO we’d recommend to try is the TENGA GEO CORAL that gives the user an enveloping sensation with its design. If you’re a fan of the TENGA EGGs but want something reusable, then the TENGA GEO is for you.

TENGA crysta Leaf

The TENGA crysta Series is one of the newer products, made of a soft, flexible casing with firm shapes embedded inside using TENGA’s new innovative production methods. Adjusting your grip allows you to change the stimulation received by the internal details with each stroke. Our TENGA crysta of choice is the TENGA crysta Leaf, with floating ‘leaves’ designed to give pleasure in waves.


These are our top recommendations for the best sex toys from TENGA you can buy online. Whether you are new to the world of sex toys or are looking for a new product to try, we’re sure one of the items will satisfy you. If none of the above products take your interest, you can find many more TENGA products to consider here. Enjoy enhancing your masturbation sessions and give yourself some self-love with a TENGA toy.

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