This Masturbation Egg is a Real Satisfier! Introducing the TENGA EGG

The TENGA EGG has quickly become one of the most popular and recognisable, disposable TENGA products globally. So as you’d expect, there is a lot of interest in the TENGA EGG series. The TENGA EGGs’ unique design stands out compared to a lot of sex toys on the market, so it is often bought as a gift for both beginners to male sex toys and regular users. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the series, a quick guide on how to choose an EGG (or EGG Pack!) that’s best for you, followed by a How To Use guide.


Introducing The TENGA EGG

Satisfying Masturbator EGG

The TENGA EGG’s super-stretchable material is so stretchy that it can completely cover a 500ml plastic bottle. As such, this sex toy can stretch to fit almost any size, so can be perfect for men who have trouble finding a masturbator that fits. They have been designed to be used by stretching for total coverage or limiting stimulation to only the head of the penis for more precise, satisfying stimulation. 

Choosing Your Masturbator EGG

Satisfying Masturbator EGG

The TENGA EGG Series offers so much variety that it can be a little difficult to decide which you might like. If this is your first time buying one and you’re still not sure whether you’ll enjoy what it has to offer then it’s always a safe bet to buy a single EGG and see how you feel. If you’re feeling more certain (or more adventurous!) then you can treat yourself to a Pack. Luckily, we also made this blog which explains each EGG individually to help you get an idea of each individual EGG. Why not crack one open and see which is most satisfying for you!


Satisfying Masturbator EGG

The best way to summarise the use of the TENGA EGG is to open, use, then close and dispose of! 

Firstly, remove the shrink wrapping and open the egg-shaped case.

Secondly, apply the lotion provided in the case to the inside of the soft EGG. Make sure to use some around the entry point for a smoother insertion.

Lastly, once you’ve used and had your fun, you can simply dispose of the EGG by encasing it back in the egg-shaped case. Once closed you can throw the product away with little to no mess!

Hopefully, this guide helps you to choose the TENGA EGG (or EGGs!) that you’re most interested in trying and on how to best enjoy your TENGA EGG. Whether it be your first experience with a masturbation egg or sleeve or if you’re just interested in the variety the TENGA EGG range has, there’s an EGG out there to satisfy you!