Sex and Relationships: 5 Best Sex Toys for Couples

A lot of couples agree that maintaining a healthy sex life is an important factor for a happy relationship. An active sex life is not only great for self-care and wellness but can improve your relationship both inside the bedroom and out. 

In this post we'll look at how TENGA can help by suggesting some of our recommended couples sex toys.


Using Sex Toys as a Couple

Back in 2018, in TENGA’s Global Self-Pleasure report, we discovered that 90% of American men and women think that men who use sex toys are more satisfying lovers! The willingness to use sex toys as a couple to improve your sex life can be beneficial both mentally and physically. If you’re thinking about trying something new as a couple, incorporating sex toys might be a good place to start.

The 5 Best Sex Toys for Couples from TENGA

Many TENGA products can be used by couples to enhance your sex life. Here are our top 5 recommended couples toys to help spice things up. 


The TENGA SVR (Smart Vibe Ring) is a vibrator specifically designed for use as a couple. The SVR is made with body-safe silicone, with the ring capable of stretching for use with your fingers or as a cock ring. With 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm modes, you can easily switch the intensity during foreplay to slowly heat things up or bring things to a satisfying climax! The SVR is also waterproof up to 20 inches, so you can try using them in the bath or shower for extra variety.


The TENGA EGG Series, although designed for solo use, is one of our most recommended sex toys for couples. You can buy TENGA EGGs in Variety Packs, but you can also buy them individually, so they are perfect for experimenting with as a couple if you don’t want to spend too much money on items you’re unsure of. Every TENGA EGG has a unique interior design, so you can add variety to your sex life by trying to find your partner’s favorite pattern with mutual masturbation! 

TENGA has also released the TENGA EGG Lover, specifically acknowledging how popular they are as a couples sex toy. First released as a Valentine's day item, this EGG is perfect for some partnered pleasure.


The TENGA GEO Series are similar to the TENGA EGGs, but reusable. A couple can easily incorporate this product into their foreplay and clean it up for use in another session. The TENGA GEO comes in three varieties, the AQUA, GLACIER and CORAL. If your partner likes one of the EGGs, perhaps try a GEO with a similar internal structure.


Although perfect for solo masturbation, the TENGA SPINNERs lend themselves to giving your partner a fun helping hand. The best way to get the most stimulation out of the TENGA SPINNER is to hold the item at the top of the product to produce a spiraling effect with each stroke. With six different SPINNER variations, there is a SPINNER for every taste!


The TENGA 3D Series is another one of our softer, more stretchable products. The TENGA 3D is also one of our most stretchable items, making it one of our recommendations for larger penises. Similar to the TENGA GEO, the product is inverted before use, turning the external designs into the interior details.

How to Use Sex Toys in a Long Distance Relationship

Whether it’s for a short amount of time or for an extended time, being a long-distance couple can be hard; one of the more common problems being sexual intimacy. One of the ways to help to cope with the issue during that time apart can be the incorporation of sex toys. 

Should you choose to try one out, we first recommend chatting with your partner and seeing what it is you want to explore by using a sex toy long distance. Is it just to achieve an orgasm or to explore more intimate long-distance mutual masturbation. Even without a particular sex toy, you could use this experience as an opportunity to explore different aspects of your sex life that you may not when physically together. 

Most of the above toys work both together or solo, and you could also look into long-distance remote sex toys if you want a feeling of more direct control.

Solo Masturbation is OK too

While your sex life as a couple is important, it is just as important to indulge your individual sexual health and wellness. It’s completely natural and healthy to continue solo masturbation even when in a relationship or marriage. Taking the time out to explore and pleasure yourself away from your partner can help you to better understand yourself as an individual, increase your sexual wellness, and also help improve your knowledge of what works best for you, when you have sex with your partner.

The above-recommended sex toys not only make great couples’ sex items but can also work for solo masturbation. You can always try one out individually first, then introduce it to your partner as an enhancement to your sex life.

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