The TENGA 3D Series Review Roundup 2023

THE TENGA 3D is a reusable favorite, with over 10 years of impressing and satisfying TENGA customers across the globe. Reviews are still coming in for this familiar favorite, so we thought we would follow-up our 2020 3D Series Review Roundup with this 2023 version!

These sculpted beauties won the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2012, and their design still remains one of the most admired on the market.

We have a blog about how to use the TENGA 3D, but let’s take a look at what customers have to say about the 3D series.


  • A Brief Intro to the TENGA 3D Series
  • TENGA 3D Series Customer Reviews
  • Which TENGA 3D Do I Choose?

    A Brief Intro to the TENGA 3D Series


    The reusable TENGA 3D Series of male pleasure items look almost like sculptures, but are inverted upon use so the external designs become the internal details! Utilizing a stretchable material, the TENGA 3D Series can suit most sizes!

    Because of the popularity of stretchable, pleasurable TENGA items, the 3D is not alone in this design. The TENGA EGGs, GEO, and Bobble also sport a stretchy, artistic design that is sure to excite fans of the 3D. 

    The 3D Series items feature a stretchable, antibacterial elastomer and includes a fashionable drying and display stand that makes these items a simple and easy-to-clean reusable product.

    The TENGA 3D was a huge step forward in the artistic innovation that TENGA would continue to bring to the industry. The TENGA 3D’s winning of the 2012 Red Dot Award was an early sign of TENGA's path going forward. TENGA found success in their famous CUP Series, but also gained a following in creating fun and stretchable products like the EGGs, GEO, and TENGA 3D.

    Winning awards is one thing, but let’s see what customers thought about the TENGA 3D Series.

    Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.


    TENGA 3D Series Customer Reviews


    TENGA 3D Spiral

    Awesome texture (5 Stars)

    This product is amazing. The feel, the ease of use and clean-up, definitely a 5 star rating.


    Not just for solo-play! (5 Stars)

    Bought this to use on my partner to add a little something extra to foreplay, and it’s been great! I’d suggest getting this and a blindfold for a fun night.
    Easy to use, easy to clean, and my partner said the sensation is like nothing else in the best way.


    TENGA 3D Pile

    Absolutely amazing (5 Stars)

    My girlfriend has more fun using this on me, however I am not complaining. Greatest purchase I’ve ever made


    TENGA 3D Polygon

    Loved it (5 Stars)

    The Tenga line is amazing, like erotic, functional art. I'm amazed something that looks so sculptural can provide such intense stimulation. Wonderful product.


    Excellent (5 Stars)

    My favorite of the series. Highly recommend!


    TENGA 3D Module

    Not as good as I expected (4 Stars)

    A stand alone evaluation would rate this toy fairly high, but compared to the Crysta and Geo series, it falls short of their promise. On the plus side, it is close-ended to allow suction and a tight fit.


    TENGA 3D Zen

    Great experience with the site, delivery, and product. (5 Stars)

    Feels amazing, but not unrealistically overstimulating. Much easier to store and use than a lot of other popular brands. The shape is "ergonomic" and easy to use comfortably. 7 day delivery time in the US, quicker than expected. 10/10 user experience on the site and with product. Better than I imagined.


    Really comfortable toy, excellent design makes clean-up super easy (5 Stars)

    The inside texture is just the right amount of stimulation without being too much, and having a sex toy you can flip inside-out? Brilliant!!! Great to know you can actually get this thing super super clean. All-around very nice


    Which TENGA 3D Do I Choose?


    With a decade of positive response from the 3D Series, it is clear that they are satisfying items to a wide variety of customers. Based on our TENGA US Store reviews, the TENGA 3D Zen is a frontrunner with 23 individual 5-star reviews and a total of a 4 and a half stars rating. 

    While the Zen seems to be the customer favorite, there are 5-star reviews coming in for every item in the series, so the best thing you can do is to check out the Official TENGA Store USA for yourself and see which 3D item suits you best! If the 3D’s reviews left you in awe and you’d like to adventure into similar territories, the TENGA GEO, EGGs, and Bobble can provide the stretchable adventure you are looking for!

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