Sex Tools to Discover True Pleasure

Finding true pleasure is like discovering a whole new world. Sure, you probably discovered masturbation a long time ago, but to be able to take it up to another level may not only make you feel fantastic, but also potentially help find more satisfaction for you and your partner, as we discovered in our TENGA 2020 Self Pleasure Report. Sometimes finding the right sex tool can be the key to unlocking that higher level of pleasure you never thought possible. In this article, we will talk about some of the sex tools that are available, what to consider, and what may perhaps be the best one for you.

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  •  What Are Sex Tools

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    So what are "sex tools"? If you think of what a "tool" is used for, it could be something that helps you accomplish a certain task, like a hammer is a good tool to pound a nail (no intended sexual reference). It gets the job done and at least satisfies your needs on a certain level. In this case, using a sex toy that really gets you excited and brings you to an orgasm would be a great tool. But can we do better? 

    Let's say your goal is not only to have an orgasm, but have a really pleasant experience from start to finish. After all, it's not only the destination, but the journey that's important for many people. For that, you may need a different tool from what you already have that pays attention to the pleasure of the act and brings you to a rising level of ecstasy, maybe something you can take your time with and savor. This may require a different tool to play with than you have on hand (no pun intended) or even two different tools, one to start with and one to end on for the final climax, or even one tool that can do both.

    What Are the Best Sex Tools

    At TENGA, we like to think that we create tools to help you unlock your true pleasure. We're about the journey and the destination. We think both are just as important. For us, we have invented some creative items that have incorporated the latest technology built in. For example, our FLIP ZERO EV can provide you with not only the feel of a soft, enveloping elastomer, but with our Electronic Vibration feature, you can also vary the vibration intensities as well as adjust for various pulsating vibration patterns, sending trembling stimulation throughout the item. Or if you prefer a firmer, more stimulating sensation, the FLIP ZERO EV Black is also available. 

    And for those who want not only stimulating vibration, but rolling stimulation, we have created an attachment for the FLIP ZERO EV call the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION (EVR) that provides both rolling and vibration stimulation (when used with a FLIP ZERO EV). In short, a sex tool will take you to your destination, but a really good sex tool will also make sure you enjoy the ride! So please consider your choices carefully.

    The TENGA FLIP ZERO Electronic Vibrotation (EVR)


    How Can They Help Your Sex Life

     As we mentioned previously in our TENGA masturbation study, we have found that those surveyed who masturbate and use sex toys said their sex lives were more satisfying and they were more confident that they could satisfy their partners as well.  


    If you are concerned about having a fulfilling sex life between you and your partner, the use of a great sex tool can not only help you find what truly pleases you, but you can also communicate that with your partner so they know what turns you on as well. This can open up the conversation to knowing how to please each other in many ways. As we said before, it's not only the destination, but the journey that's important. And we hope you will have great experiences filled with immense pleasure and joy!


    In Summary

    By now, we hope you see that finding the right sex tool for you may take a bit more time and effort, but it is definitely worth it. If you are curious about finding out more about TENGA and iroha products, we hope you will discover all the features and benefits we have to offer. Whatever sex tool you choose, we wish you a great journey and an even happier ending!


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