Sex Toys: How to Use Them & Recommended Products

Around 68% of Americans being open to buying a sex toy as of 2020, according to our TENGA Global Self-Pleasure Report. More and more people are thinking to add sex toys into their self-care routine but for those new to sex toys, you may be unsure how best to use them. 

In this article, we’re going to focus specifically on looking at products for use with a penis and how best to use them. We’ll also take a look at some general advice around sex toys, some examples of toys that are available, and a few of our recommended products, and then take a closer look at some TENGA products.


Before You Begin

Before getting started with using a sex toy there are two important initial factors to be considered. The size of the sex toy you will be using and lubrication. 

Sex Toy Size

Firstly, it is important when purchasing a masturbator to ensure you choose something that is the right size for you. If you purchase directly from a brand’s website, they should list the dimensions of the product to help you know if it will fit you, however, if you purchase directly from a seller on marketplaces such as Amazon this may not always be the case. 

The specific sizes you should check are the length and width of a product so you can judge if it suits your needs. If the product offers some stretchability, such as the TENGA GEO, then you may also consider how much it can stretch and whether that will accommodate your size.  Try to ensure you check these dimensions before buying to minimize size issues.


Secondly, you should make sure that you have enough lubrication for your product. Ensuring your toy is well lubricated isn’t the only function of lubricant, it can also be an important part of adding to the sensations delivered by the sex toy and increase your enjoyment! We always recommend making sure you have enough additional lubricant so you can adjust and add more when using your toy to prevent any discomfort. TENGA products generally come with a sample pouch of TENGA HOLE LOTION to help you get started, but this may not be enough depending on the person. 

If you want any advice on how to avoid any issues with size selection or choosing a lubricant for your sex toy, you can read our blog here on mistakes when buying a sex toy and how to avoid them.

How to Use Sex Toys

Once you have picked your sex toy, made sure the size is correct for you and got enough lubrication on hand, you can start getting ready to use your sex toy. We’d always recommend checking your sex toy first to familiarize yourself with any specific mechanisms with the product and how to handle it. Next, for all reusable items, we would advise taking the extra time to clean your sex toy before use. Although sex toys should be clean and hygienic if newly purchased, it is always best to take the extra time to make sure your product is clean.

Your sex toy should come with instructions on how best to clean it and what cleaning products such as soap can be safely used. TENGA ensures to describe both in the product manuals and on each product page online in our FAQs or in our general information blog here.  

Now let’s take a look at how to use masturbators in general.

Standard Sleeves

Male masturbators are types of male sex toys that offer a great alternative to just using your hand for masturbation. They may also be referred to as strokers or sleeves as well as masturbators. Here’s how best to use most standard sleeve masturbators.

  • Make sure to apply a water-based lubricant, such as the TENGA HOLE LOTION to your sex toy. You can also use a small amount on your penis as well. This will help to reduce uncomfortable friction when using your masturbator, and improve stimulation from the textured interior details of the sleeve. Our CUP Series comes pre-lubricated so this won't be an issue!
  • Most masturbators have a round entrance. While it may look small, the material should expand to accommodate you. Start by sliding the head of your penis in to allow the lubrication to be evenly spread. One method of using a masturbator is to begin by stimulating only the tip of the penis, before entering fully. Varying how much of your penis is stimulated by the sleeve can help keep your masturbation varied, interesting and may help you to last longer.
  • If your masturbator is made from a soft material, such as the TENGA 3D,  you can vary the pressure by adjusting your grip. Hold on tightly for an intense feeling, or gently to take time to enjoy the experience before climaxing. Just move the sleeve back and forth until you reach climax. If it's your first time using a male masturbator, sleeve or stroker then it’s possible you may climax quickly, but as you get used to the stimulation of your sex toy, your stamina may increase.

Once you have climaxed, if your masturbator is disposable as with the TENGA CUP Series then dispose of the product as advised on the packaging. Plus, they are designed to be easily disposable after use. If your sex toy is reusable, take the time to clean your item and allow it to hygienically dry ready for use next time.


Some sex toys made for penises have more advanced features, such as additional vibration functions. Make sure to take the time to read the instructions included with these kinds of toys before use, so you understand how to both start and stop them when required. Sex toys with vibration functions tend to offer a stronger stimulation overall, so may lead to a faster than expected climax. As noted above, try to take your first few uses slow until you become more familiar with the stimulation and you should, over time, be able to use the product for longer.

Recommended TENGA Products

Now that we’ve covered the basic use of penis masturbators, here are some of our recommendations for TENGA pleasure products.


If you’re looking for a disposable masturbator to try, we’d recommend the TENGA CUP Series. There’s a lot of variety between the sensations offered by each of the Standard CUPs, so you’re sure to find something that suits you. In addition to the Standard versions of these CUPs, we also have both Gentle and Strong versions (and EXTRA Gentle and Strong), as well as a Premium CUP Series with upgraded sensations! For advice on which one might suit you best, you can check our TENGA Advisor quiz!


If you want a great stroker that will satisfy both beginners and regular sex toy users, you can’t go wrong with the TENGA SPINNER Series. The ​​TENGA SPINNER Series offers a unique spiral stimulation with the internal coil expanding and contracting for unbelievable twisting sensations. There are six different varieties, each with different levels of stimulation, which you can read about in our introductory blog here


TENGA also offers a vibrating masturbator product with the FLIP ZERO EV. Featuring dual vibrating cores embedded into the elastomer, the FLIP ZERO EV is one of the most intense experiences offered by TENGA. There is also the FLIP ZERO EV Soft Edition for those who want to savor a softer, slower self-pleasure experience that intensifies the vibrating stimulation.

If you’d like more suggestions on TENGA toys for beginners, check out our blog here.


We hope this helps in how to begin purchasing and using a new sex toy. As long as you keep in mind the above points, you should be able to make a great purchase and make the best use of your new toy. While the way to masturbate with your sleeve might seem simple, there are plenty of ways you can test out stimulating yourself with your sex toy. For some examples of techniques you can use while masturbating, check out our blog here. With a little experience and experimentation, you’ll soon find out the best way of using your sex toy for your personal preferences.

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