TENGA FAQ: Product Related Questions

Here at TENGA we always do our best to help our customers to know how to use and maintain their products as much as possible, even before a purchase is made. Our FAQs page offers a breakdown of the most frequently asked questions for each of our products. We also have our manuals page which allows anyone to download a product-specific PDF manual in a variety of languages as well as responding to questions directly via our contact form. A lot of issues, however, are easily solved with the right information. Here we’re going to take a look at some of these product related questions we receive frequently and give you some troubleshooting tips to try. 


Charging Issues


Some of the most common inquiries we receive through our contact form are issues surrounding the charging of products, items not turning on, or no longer seeming to charge correctly. Below we’ll cover some general troubleshooting tips for you to try to see if your product may be defective or not.

Rechargeable Products

Q. I’m having trouble charging my FLIP 0 EV / SVR / iroha product.

If you’re having trouble charging your rechargeable TENGA or iroha products, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • To turn the item on, please press and hold the ON button for 4~5 seconds. A quick click will not work.
  • When you try to charge the item, does the charging light come on? Does it stay on?
  • If you have issues with the product holding charge, we suggest allowing the item to run out of power completely, then trying to charge again.

If the item does not turn on and also looks like it won't charge, please check the following:

  • Please confirm that the connection points on the item and the charging base/cables are in contact or are connected properly If the charging base is wet, this can also interfere with the charging. 
  • Try wiping the contact points to ensure proper connection.
  • Please check the troubleshooting steps of your user manual

Battery Operated Products

Q. My [product] won’t turn on.

If you are having trouble turning on your battery-operated product, please check the following troubleshooting points:

  • Have you tried a new set of batteries? The batteries included are only for test purposes, so please try a new set. 
  • To turn the item on, please press and hold the button for 4~5 seconds. A quick press of the button will not work - please press and hold the button for 4~5 seconds to turn the item on. 
  • Try wiping the contact points on the inside of the cap to ensure proper connection.
  • Are the batteries facing the correct direction in the battery box? Check the +/- marks to be sure - there should be one battery facing each direction. 
  • There is a small arrow to show where the cap should be aligned when closing the battery box - is this correctly aligned? Please see the below picture for reference.

Product Specific Questions

FLIP ZERO EV Series won’t turn on.

  • When you try to turn the item on, are the Slide Arms properly attached to the body? If the Slide Arms are not attached, the item will not vibrate. Please note that if the item is ON and the Slide Arms are detached, the battery will still run down even if the item is not vibrating. 

TENGA SVR Series won't turn on.

  • Sometimes you may try to test the TENGA SVR while the product is still charging. Please note that the SVR will not turn on while the charging cable is still connected. Please disconnect the cable and press and hold the button to turn the SVR on.

If none of the above pointers resolves the issue with your TENGA or iroha product, please contact us via our contact form and we will be happy to help with a defective item inquiry.

Cleaning Questions

Q. How should I clean my [TENGA Product]? What is recommended?

All of TENGA’s reusable products are designed to be easily cleaned. Here are our recommendations for how to clean your products:

  • Invert the insertion point (in the case of the SPINNER up to the coil) or invert the product to the original shape (such as for the GEO and crysta for example) and wash under running cold or tepid water.
  • Dry off with a towel.
  • Place the product on to its Drying Case to air dry.
  • Once completely dry, place into the case for storage.


■ Wash with cold or tepid water.

■ Use only neutral or mild soap. Soaps high in acid or alkaline content may damage product material.

■ Do NOT wash with alcohol or other cleaners.

■ Please ensure the product is completely clean and dry before storing to help avoid mold and other build-up.

Mold Issues

Q. My [TENGA Product] has mold. What do I do to clean or remove this? 

While we suggest completely drying the item before storage to prevent bacteria and mold from building up, there is still a possibility it could happen. While the soft elastomer used to make TENGA items is body-safe, it is porous, making it impossible to completely sanitize.  If there is mold or something similar on the item we would advise you not to continue using the item, and dispose of it.

Replacement Requests


Q. I think my [TENGA/iroha Product] is defective. I want a replacement as per the warranty.

If you seem to be having issues with your TENGA or iroha product then please try previously listed troubleshooting points. You can also check the manual for additional troubleshooting advice. If none of this works then please contact us via our contact form. In general, the recommended information to include in your initial email is as follows:

- Type of item (name of product, color etc.)

- Place of purchase

- Date of purchase (month/year)

- If you purchased on the USA TENGA Store, please also provide your order number (ex. 12345US-EC)

Miscellaneous Questions

Q. There is a cut/slit on my [Original Vacuum CUP]. Is my product defective?


If it is your first time using one of the Standard TENGA CUP Series, you may notice a small cut in the insertion pad. Since the inside of the TENGA CUP Series is air-tight, we included this small incision in the insertion pad to release air upon insertion.

Please rest assured that this is part of the item’s design, and does not indicate a damaged or defective item!

Q. My TENGA EGGs keep breaking during use!

This is not an issue we encounter often, but if it keeps happening when using the EGGs then please make sure to:

-Only use with our lubricants.

-Ensure EGG and shaft are well lubricated before use.

-Hold item at base, leaving enough material to stretch.

-Be careful of nails and other sharp edges!

Q. I think my [TENGA/iroha Product] might be fake. What should I do? How can I tell?

TENGA has been working hard both independently and with the help of our third-party partner Red Points to try to wipe out as many fake TENGA products as possible. We have an informational page, and a contact form here, but for more detailed information on how to spot a fake TENGA product please check out our blog which covers fakes here.

Can’t Find Your Issue?

These are just a few of our most commonly asked questions but it does not cover everything. If you have a more specific defect inquiry then please contact us via our contact form and we will do our best to help. We also have an FAQ blog for Store and Shipping related questions here if your question is related to those areas. 

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