Masturbation Accessories

Masturbation is a great thing, but as with all things, it can always be better. In this article, we will have a look at all the ways to get more pleasure with the use of masturbation accessories, from the obvious sex toys and their optional accessories, to paraphernalia for improving your surroundings: your environment can have an effect on masturbation, as the more comfortable you are, the more you can focus on the task at hand.


Sex Toys and More

Sex toys are of course the most obvious addition to any masturbation session, so we will be looking more at accessories that give added pleasure or are accessories to sex toys, not the toy itself.

Pleasure Enhancers

There are some products you can get to stimulate parts of the body, apart from the obvious.

Some products to increase pleasure are:


A possible addition to your self care routine, plugs can bring more pleasure in a different erogenous zone.


Another option to stimulate different sensitive areas. These can both be much more stimulating than just your hands, while also freeing up your hands to explore other parts of your body.


Possibly the simplest and most easy to introduce to masturbation. Lotion can bring a whole new sensation, while avoiding chafing. You can read more about the benefits of lotion in this blog.

Sex Toy Accessories

Sex toys are great in and of themselves, but there are some sex toys that offer accessories to give them a whole new dimension.

Let’s have a look at some options TENGA has to offer:

TENGA Vacuum Controller

The Vacuum Controller is an electronic suction attachment for the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP, and allows you to control the suction with the touch of a button.

TENGA VGR (Vacuum Gyro Roller) 

Combining the best of both worlds, the TENGA Vacuum Gyro Roller gives you control of the suction as well as rotation. It also comes with multiple pre-set modes so you can find your favorite combination by mixing and matching suction and rotation patterns!

TENGA Gyro Roller (Asia Only)

Another attachment for the CUP, which allows you to automatically rotate the CUP during use. By changing the angle of the tilt, you can change the speed and direction of rotation thanks to an in-built gyroscopic sensor.

TENGA Workout Gear (Japan Only)

The most unique accessory you are likely to see, the Workout Gear is an 8lbs metal casing for the Original Vacuum CUP, meaning that the extra weight will make your play time also exercise time! Get those biceps bulging while having fun.


Apart from products to directly stimulate, it is also important to feel comfortable in your surroundings, so that you are not distracted during your personal pleasure time. Things that you worry about can take you out of the moment, such as loud noises, strange smells or worrying about other things like cleanup afterwards.

Water Absorbent Sheets/Towels

If you either took our advice in the previous section about using lubricant, or just prefer to not worry about cleanup (and laundry) after, then laying down a towel or water absorbent sheets means you can really let loose during your ‘me time’. Enjoy the moment without worrying about what comes after!

Good headphones/earplugs

Other senses are also important to consider, if there are loud noises you want to block out, then ear plugs are your friend. If you want to only be surrounded by pleasant sounds (audio erotica, music, etc) then a good pair of headphones will aid greatly.


It is always nice to set the mood, whether for romantic times with others or with yourself. Candles give a room a warm, comfortable glow and are an easy way to enjoy various pleasant aromas. The same goes for incense or diffusers.

If you want to know more about setting the mood for the occasion, read our blog about making the perfect masturbation room.

Special Mentions

There are some products that do not exactly fit into the ‘masturbation accessory’ category, but can be used as such.

Kegel Balls

These weighted balls are inserted to exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. However some people enjoy the stimulation they provide, saying that they enhance sensations of masturbation, and use them for self pleasure.

We have also written about the benefits of Kegel exercises, for those who are interested.

Teledildonics and Bluetooth Sex Tech

Teledildonics are devices used for ‘virtual sex’, either something like controlling a sex toy via the internet, or pairing a sex toy to your phone with bluetooth. This can then be controlled by a partner or synched to an adult video. It is hard to say if these count as sex toys, or sex toy accessories, but they are certainly in the same overall genre.


There are many different products to try and improve your masturbation experience, covering all facets you could possibly think of. Accessories to improve your room to avoid distractions and improve comfort, accessories to directly improve the sensations of masturbation, or even advanced tech to bring masturbation into the future, there is always something available to suit your needs.

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