What Makes the Perfect Masturbation Room?

Masturbation is great, but can always be made better. One important, but often overlooked aspect is the environment. By improving the environment, not only masturbation techniques, it is possible to get the most out of the experience. Can you make your room perfect to heighten self pleasure?


    The Perfect Masturbation Room

    When it comes to a good masturbatorium, there are more senses involved than just the sense of touch ‘down there’.

    Let us first look at the obvious: comfort and stimulus.

    Making sure you have a comfortable place to masturbate could mean a bed, chair, or floor depending on how you like to do it. A clean, comfortable place can make the experience better.

    For stimulus (other than physical!), having something in your room to get you in the mood such as a tv, computer, or books for visual stimulation, or sound system/headphones for audio stimulation can be very important.

    If you are just using your imagination, then comfort allows you to focus better.

    Heightening pleasure and feeling relaxed means that all senses need to get involved. There are a few ways to make use of your other senses. Smell can help the mood, so surrounding yourself with nice or calming scents is a good idea. Sound can also help, so having mood music or blocking out other sounds can make masturbation better. Taste is less used for self pleasure, but having a pleasant flavor in your mouth can only be a good thing! Some foods are said to have ‘aphrodisiac effects’, you can read more about them here

    Possible Difficulties

    So what kind of things can make a room unsuitable for masturbation?

    When it comes to masturbation, one of the main problems that people have is living with other people. The lack of privacy can make the whole experience stressful, from worrying about others overhearing, seeing your sex toys and apparel, or someone trying to enter your room while you are busy. Even the noise from other people makes the situation less than perfect.

    Apart from that, things that are ‘offensive’ to the senses, as a counter to the first section, can distract from the pleasure. For some, an untidy room can weigh on their mind, and unwanted odors can certainly be off-putting!

    Room Improvement

    There is always something you can do to make it better, so let’s look at some possible solutions!

    Small improvements

    - Improve comfort by cleaning your room and having fresh sheets on your bed.
    - If you are in front of a computer, get an ergonomic chair or cushions
    - Relax with your sense of smell. Have scented candles, incense, etc. to set a relaxing mood.
    - If you are worried about noise/others hearing you, get a good set of headphones. Not only will it mean you are not blasting audio, but it will also make for better audio stimulation.
    - Buy things to help with masturbation: sex toys are the obvious choice, but also erotic literature or videos could add some new stimulus to enjoy. Try things out, maybe you will find something you love!
    - If you live with others, a lock for your door can offer some peace of mind.
    - In a shared house, discuss house rules and boundaries to make life easier for everyone.

    Big improvements

    This might be slightly harder, but moving into your own place will give you a much larger sense of freedom, or soundproofing your room can achieve some of the same results.


    When making your masturbatorium, it is important to focus on all the senses. When you are not distracted by discomfort, strange smells, or worries, you can get into the act of self pleasure all the more.

    A happy home makes for better masturbation!

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