Best Adult Toys from TENGA to Upgrade your Sexual Wellness

In the last few years, the term ‘sexual wellness’ is used quite a lot online in discussions surrounding both sex and masturbation issues. But what is sexual wellness? In this article we’ll be discovering what this term means, why it is important, TENGA’s thoughts on sexual wellness, and some products we’d suggest for you to use.


What is Sexual Wellness?

Firstly, let’s start by taking a closer look at the origins of the term ‘sexual wellness’ and what people currently use the term for.

The Origins of Sexual Wellness

The term Sexual Wellness has only been commonly used recently, but the term "Sexual Health" which it is commonly associated with has been around for some time. The notion of sexual health has grown since the World Health Organization (WHO) started discussing the concept more in 1975, defining sexual health as “[the] well-being across a range of life domains (e.g., physical, mental, and emotional) rather than simply the absence of disease or other adverse outcomes.”.

Sexual health became common vernacular outside of medical professionals around 1988 and has been on an upward trend but it wasn’t until around the early 2000s that the term Sexual Wellness started growing in use. Let’s take a look at how the term tends to be used in recent years. 

Modern Meaning of Sexual Wellness

In the last couple of years there has been a sharp rise of discussions surrounding sexual wellness, but what do people mean when they say ‘sexual wellness’ now? Sexual wellness is defined by the World Health Organization as a combination of physical, mental, and social well-being and wellness that can be connected with sexuality. The recent increase in awareness about sexual wellness encourages you to take a positive and respectful approach to both sexuality and sexual relationships. 

When solely for yourself, whether in a relationship or not, this can involve an understanding of the importance of masturbation as part of a self-care routine. It includes not being embarrassed of satisfying your sexual needs through self-pleasure.

When considering Sexual Wellness involving partner(s), it helps ensure that people strive to have a safe and pleasurable relationship without using any kind of pressure. This can include encouraging feeling comfortable with your partner and getting accurate, diverse perspectives about sexual issues so you can choose what will support your own sexual wellness. 

Why is Sexual Wellness Important?

Sexual wellness is an important part of our physical and emotional health. Our sexuality is a natural and healthy element of who we are as individuals. It’s an essential expression of our emotions and individual beliefs that can help us to connect with people around us. If you increase your understanding of your personal sexual wellness, it may help to improve your self-confidence surrounding your own body and sexuality.

Benefits of Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness isn’t just about either sex or masturbation, it is related to our overall wellness, the condition of our relationships, how we feel about ourselves, as well as to our emotional and physical well-being. We have covered in the past how sex and masturbation may provide benefits such as:

For more information on how masturbation specifically can help your overall physical and mental well-being, check out our blog on the subject here.

TENGA’s Thoughts

At TENGA, we believe sexuality is a natural, healthy, part of life that should be celebrated, not something to be embarrassed about. With this in mind, TENGA has launched two other brands, iroha and TENGA Healthcare, each producing their own items that help people increase their sexual wellness. TENGA strives to create safe, functional self-pleasure and wellness items that combine intricate design with performance. With these products, we aim to help people around the world explore and express this with our variety of pleasure items.

TENGA’s Global Self Pleasure Report

For the last five years, TENGA has been researching masturbation and subjects surrounding it such as feelings on self-pleasure and sexual wellness. With each passing year we have more and more data, allowing us to delve deeper into the global thoughts of people about masturbation and their self-care routines. 

If you’d like to learn more about our thoughts on sexual wellness and our research into the subject, you can check out our annual Global Self Pleasure Report here.

How Sex Toys can Make your Sex Life Better.

Although sex toys can be used during solo masturbation, there are various sex toys available today meant to be used both solo or as a couple, during foreplay and during sex. Most products on the market are not made to replace sex, but rather to enhance it, making sure both you and your partner are satisfied.

Sex toys also offer the perfect opportunity to discover what feels good for you. For example, you can use a vibrator to explore different erogenous zones and find what kinds of stimulation feels best for you or for your partner.

Top 5 Recommended Items

Here are our top 5 recommendations of TENGA and iroha items that may improve your sexual wellness.

  • Original Vacuum CUP - One of the five original products we launched TENGA with, and still one of the most popular disposable sex toys. Perfect for a first delve into using sex toys or as something quick and convenient to use while at home or travelling.
  • FLIP ZERO - The FLIP ZERO Series are some of TENGAs most luxurious sex toys, yet they are well worth the cost for the intricate internal details and stimulation.
  • HOLE LOTION REAL - The most popular lotion from our HOLE LOTION Series, this lotion comes packaged with all our reusable sex toys. The most popular of our lotions with medium viscosity and compatible with all of TENGA’s reusable toys.
  • TENGA SVR - This vibrator is a stretchable silicone ring that can be used as a vibrator for foreplay and worn as a cock ring during sex. The length of the vibrator is especially long to ensure it fits with almost any body type. (There is also the TENGA SVR one, simpler to use, with just ON/OFF function, and a C-shaped ring to attach and remove it.)
  • iroha RIN+ - One of iroha’s many aesthetically beautiful products that provides exceptional stimulation, the RIN+ features iroha’s unique soft-touch silicone in its spherical tip that provides a unique sensation for insertable pleasure. 


The concept of sexual wellness has become far more popular in recent years and it includes more than just sex and masturbation and is about your general health and wellness surrounding sex. People are more aware of its benefits now not just for themselves but for their sex lives and partner(s). We hope this post has helped if you haven't given it much consideration until now.

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