Is It Bad That There's Blood When I Masturbate?

The sight of blood can often be worrisome, especially if it comes from a delicate area. This article shall look into what it means if there is blood when you ejaculate (Hematospermia), other symptoms to look for, the possible causes and what can be done. As something like this can be quite traumatic, we hope to shed some light on the symptoms and offer advice on helping the situation.


Symptoms to Look Out For

Although blood in ejaculate is the main and most disturbing symptom, there are others that can come with it, that can help better understand what you are dealing with. Some of these are likely to be other symptoms alongside the main one of hematospermia (blood in ejaculate). Please keep note of any of these when speaking to a medical professional.

- Blood in your urine (hematuria)
- Painful urination (such as burning sensations)
- Still needing to pee after urinating
- Painful of enlarged/swollen bladder
- Painful ejaculation
- Painful genital area (including swelling)
- Unusual discharge (and other symptoms of STIs)
- Fever
- Faster pulse or high blood pressure

When you go to a doctor, make sure to note which (if any) of these symptoms you also have, to help with diagnosis and treatment. Next, let us see what possible causes there might be.

What is Causing It?

Once you know what is happening, it is time to see why it is happening. There are many different possibilities, but here we will explain some of the most common. Of course, you should speak to a medical professional for a real diagnosis.


If any part of the genitals involved in making or transporting semen is infected or inflamed, it can result in blood when you ejaculate. Such parts include the Prostate, Urethra, Epididymis and vas deferens or Seminal vesicles. You can learn more about anatomy here
Such infections may be sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Injury (including from medical procedures)

If you have injured any area around the genitals, there might be blood when you ejaculate. This could be from damage to the pelvis, damage to the penis or testicles (from excessive sexual activity or masturbation for example) as well as medical procedures such as a vasectomy.


Although tumors account for only a small number of cases of blood in semen, cancers anywhere in the reproductive or urinary organs (the pathways of semen and urine, respectively) can cause bleeding.

Other Conditions

There are a variety of other conditions that may be at fault, such as high blood pressure, HIV or even liver disease. There are also cases that have no known cause, but stop after a while without intervention.

Many of these may seem frightening, but there may be treatments depending on the cause.

What Can Be Done?

Make sure that you speak to a medical professional first, to hear their opinion. They may run some tests to make sure what the issue is. Here are some of the most common treatments.

- Antibiotics: these will treat some infections/inflammation that could cause bleeding.

- Anti-inflammatory medication: to treat inflammation.

- Specific treatment: the treatment depends on what the condition is, such as an STI, disease (such as liver disease) or high blood pressure. The doctor would tailor it to your needs.

- Wait: In cases where the bleeding occurs after a medical procedure (e.g. prostate biopsy, vasectomy) then it could sort itself out as the area heals.


If there is any issue with your genital area that worries you, then speak to a doctor or urologist. While a lot of the conditions mentioned here sound scary, some can resolve themselves with time, or end up being nothing too serious. But seeking medical advice is always best, just in case, especially when it comes to bleeding while masturbating or bleeding after masturbation.

Make sure to note down any other symptoms or possible causes to help them treat you. Regardless of the cause, there may be treatments available, so speak to a medical professional as soon as possible for the best possible outcome.

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