What Coupon Codes does TENGA Offer?

TENGA's core concept aims to revolutionize sexual pleasure, breaking the taboos surrounding masturbation and bringing sexuality to the forefront for all to enjoy. With this goal in mind, TENGA has developed an amazing range of different products, all with their own unique sensations and styles, to bring more pleasure to more people.

Whether you are thinking about buying your first TENGA product or you have already bought one and want to get something new, we know it's never a bad thing to try to get the best deal.

Our official store runs many promotions from new product intro campaigns when a new product is released, to seasonal sales, but there’s never a guarantee that what you’re looking for is on sale.

Even in such cases, we have good news! There are ways you can not only stay up to date on all the ongoing promotions, but even get coupon codes for discounts on your order! 

Read on to make sure you don't miss out.


Newsletter Subscriber Benefits

One of the best ways you can receive news about deals and discounts, as well as coupon codes*, is by signing up for our newsletter! Once you’re subscribed you’ll receive updates on product launches, special offers, the latest news on TENGA products, Love Me TENGA blogs, and exclusive discounts.

Not only that, but when you sign up for our newsletter, you'll receive a 10% discount code**.

It only takes a minute or two to sign up so if you’re interested, click on the link below!

Monthly Promotions

Our store has special offers almost every month, as well as product promotions when we introduce new TENGA items. These promotions vary and range from discounts on various products, monthly exclusive bundles of different items, increased Pleasure Points earnings (you can read more about our Loyalty Program here) and occasionally interactive, fun events such as our Masturbation May promotions!

How do you know what our current promotion is each month? Just visit the USA TENGA Store and our most recent promotion is always highlighted on the homepage. We also let you know what each promotion is each month via our Newsletter and social media, so you will never miss out on our latest offers.


Subscribe to our newsletter as a way to stay up to date on current deals and promotions! You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for giveaways and deals exclusive to our socials. By following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter, you are guaranteed to always have access to our latest discounts and offers.

*Coupon codes cannot be used on already discounted items.
** Please note that our introductory coupon code can only be used once.

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