8 Health Benefits to Masturbation You Might Not Know

Masturbation is an intimate experience that many of us enjoy as part of our self-care routines. This is understandable since we all know how good masturbation can make us feel. However, there is more to masturbation than just feeling good, as there are also many health benefits to masturbation. In this article, you will learn about 8 amazing health benefits masturbation can do for you. Let’s jump straight into it!


Please keep in mind, masturbation is not a miracle cure. These are just some health benefits that are possible with masturbation and the effects vary from person to person.

1. Masturbation Improves Overall Skin Conditions 

It is said that people tend to have a nice flush and glowing skin after sex. Well, there might be some truth behind the after sex “glow” and this is also applicable to masturbation. This is because when masturbating your body releases certain hormones that can help reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, and so on. In addition, some studies show women who masturbated regularly saw improvements to their overall skin conditions.

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2. Possibly Improve Heart Health


As mentioned above, when masturbating, your blood circulation increases. This can be good for your heart, similarly to exercising. However, unlike regular exercises and maintaining a healthy diet, using masturbation only as a method to lose weight or maintain a healthy heart is not enough. Masturbation just gives you the extra boost every now and then.

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3. Masturbation Can Help You Sleep Better

Who doesn’t want a good night's sleep? Well, it is said that masturbation can help you achieve some quality sleep. According to one study, the release of the chemicals oxytocin and prolactin after masturbation or sex can contribute to a good night's sleep. On top of that, after masturbation, many people tend to be much more relaxed, thus, finding it easier to fall asleep.

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4. Destress and Increase Feel-Good Hormones

Speaking of hormones and feeling good, masturbation can help with relaxing and releasing feel-good hormones. During and after masturbation, your body releases a variety of different hormones and chemicals that can help you “feel good”. This includes; dopamine (associated with pleasure and the brain’s reward system), oxytocin & prolactin (related to sleep and relaxation), serotonin (help regulate moods, sleep, and appetite), and endorphins (can act as a natural pain reliever and create a sense of euphoria).

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5. Lower Chance of Prostate Cancer

Research back in 2016 found that men who ejaculated regularly can decrease the chance of having prostate cancer by about 20%. It is said that many doctors aren’t sure why this happens, but there are quite a few studies that come to a similar conclusion that regular ejaculations correlate with a lower risk of prostate cancer. But, remember, just because you masturbate does not completely protect you from prostate cancer, but it can help reduce the risk.


6. Masturbating Can Help Strengthen Your Pelvic Flooring

During orgasm, a series of muscles contracts in the pelvic floor, which can help strengthen your pelvic flooring, according to Dr. Richmond. Having stronger pelvic muscles can help support your pelvic organs, including the bladder and bowels. Masturbating alone won’t make your pelvic flooring become invincible, but it will give your pelvic flooring the mini-workout it needs to stay healthy and functional.


7. Masturbation Can help Boost Your Immune System

It is said that after masturbating there is a temporary increase of leukocytes, which are white blood cells that fight cancer cells and cells infected by viruses. However, this study was done on a very small sample and not repeated for the results to be conclusive.

So just keep in mind, there’s a chance of getting a temporarily strong immune system with more leukocytes, as they are most active one hour after masturbation.


8. Help Relieve Cramps and Other Pains

The release of endorphins not only helps you relax and feel better, but endorphins can also act as natural painkillers in your body. Endorphins can help both relieve pain and help reduce stress. So, if you are having cramps, masturbation can help alleviate some pain and even distract you from the discomfort.

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These are 8 health benefits that are possible with masturbation. Along with these health benefits, masturbation also has great effects on your confidence, self-image, and overall sex life. So what are you waiting for? Time to get comfortable with yourself and start exploring.

Reminder: while masturbating is amazing, it is not the solution to everything. These benefits are good for you, but overdoing masturbation can become an issue when it starts to affect your daily life.
Masturbating here and there can have plenty of benefits for you and your health and with a sex toy, masturbation can be even more fun and amazing!

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