Why you Should Check Out the TENGA Puffy Mint Green

Are you looking for the right sex toy, but want to make sure it is not too intimidating? There are so many options these days that finding the perfect one may be a bit overwhelming. If you want a gentle introduction to reusable masturbators, and want to try something a little unique, then the TENGA Puffy Mint Green may just be the one for you. The Puffy provides luxurious softness, all wrapped up in a sensually smooth silicone cover.

Learn more about this awesome product and why it could be your next great discovery!


The TENGA Puffy Mint Green

Let’s check out the amazing features of the TENGA Puffy Mint Green:

-Ultra soft spongy material
-Silicone cover for pleasant tactile sensations
-Internal details made of large and small jiggling beads for contrasting sensations
-Opens from both ends for easy cleaning
-Top cover doubles as drying stand for simple air drying

With so many amazing features that provide exceptional pleasure, it’s no wonder that the TENGA Puffy Mint Green is so popular!

A Quick History of the TENGA Puffy Series

The TENGA Puffy Series was released in 2023 in 3 variations.

The TENGA Puffy was designed as a reusable product to be for those who prefer more gentle sensations, from the Puffy’s soft, spongy material and supple silicone cover. This allows users to take their time when enjoying their product, or for people who feel like other products provide too much stimulation.

The soft material means that you can directly control the stimulation by squeezing the product. It also opens from both ends, so you can run water through it to clean. Finally, the top cover can be used as a drying stand for the product body, for hygienic air drying.

The TENGA Puffy Series

Priced at $68 each, the TENGA Puffy Series is one of our mid-range reusable products and makes the perfect choice for someone interested in trying a new sex toy with a unique look with gentle sensations. Here is a breakdown of the different TENGA Puffy products available:

Latte Brown - Melt into intertwining waves for suction-like sensations.

Mint Green - Dive into large and small jiggling beads for contrasting sensations.

Sugar White - Plunge into countless tingling micronubs for sprightly sensations.

With these sensually different types of stimulation, there is sure to be a TENGA Puffy that suits your style! If you are interested in other discreet, meticulously designed TENGA pleasure products, you can check out our guide here.


The TENGA Puffy is one of TENGA’s most unique reusable products, providing unparalleled sensually soft sensations. Hopefully, this blog has convinced you to check out this incredible product, possibly as a gift for yourself or for a friend. For those looking to get a new sex toy this year, check out our top 5 reusable TENGA products for ideas on products loved by our other TENGA customers.

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