Everything You Need to Know About the TENGA Puffy

We answer all your pressing questions about TENGA's softest toy ever

We release brand new TENGA pleasure items all year round. Sometimes that makes it difficult to decide which is the right one for you.

That’s where we, the experts behind TENGA STORE USA, come in to answer all your pressing TENGA Puffy questions!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it...


What is the TENGA Puffy?

The TENGA Puffy is a series of reusable items for male masturbation. Coming in three variations: Latte Brown, Mint Green, and Sugar White, each comes with different internal details for you to try.

Let's take a look at those details, shall we?

Cross-section of TENGA Puffy Latte Brown internal details with the description: Smooth waves intertwine for luxurious, melty-soft pleasure!
Cross-section of TENGA Puffy Mint Green internal details with the description: Supple beads sway for contrasting, jiggly-soft sensations!
Cross-section of TENGA Puffy Sugar White internal details with the description: Delicate micronubs stimulate for tingly-soft sensations!
We designed the TENGA for penis-owners who prefer softer stimulation that they can directly control. When you first hold a Puffy you'll notice the super-soft, squishy material wrapped in its sublimely smooth silicone casing. It's this combination of materials that produces the unique sensations the TENGA Puffy offers. Squeeze the case and apply as much, or as little pressure as you like!

How Do You Use the TENGA Puffy?

Using the TENGA Puffy couldn't be easier!

Before you get started, remove the cap and lubricate the insertion point and inside details with your favorite water-based lubricant. (May we recommend the TENGA Hole Lotion Series?)

Insertion Point cap being removed from a TENGA Puffy

Once everything is nice and slippery, insert your penis and move the TENGA Puffy up and down. Feels good, right?

User performing a stroking motion using the TENGA Puffy on a transparent rod

Well, that's not all! What makes the Puffy special is the ultra-soft casing that envelops the internal details. Tighten your grip and squeeze the casing for even more intense stimulation.

Squeezing the TENGA Puffy's soft silicone case during use

By adjusting the pressure and position during use, you can experience different stimulation beyond what the internal details offer!

What Does the TENGA Puffy Feel Like?

In a few words, out of this world (although we would say that)!

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. We gave sex bloggers from different countries a Puffy to try. Let's see what they thought!


SafeLust Logo“…the Puffy Latte Brown became my favorite during use as well 😏.. With less lube for a stronger sensation, those waves are super pleasurable. Angle the Puffy slightly and those waves will hit the right spot on the glans, one by one, highly stimulating the frenulum, without causing any chafing.
The Latte Brown is more intense than the Sugar White, and on par with the Mint Green, although being less tight. The Latte brown has just the right amount of tightness.”

Read the full review on SafeLust.


BedBible Logo"once inside this toy, you will enjoy it! Tenga’s Puffy has a really smooth, gelatinous feel to it. When I apply pressure on the toy when it is wrapped around my penis, it creates a new sensation that I have not experienced with other masturbatory toys. On one level, I have to say it is due to the internal designs; but I think it may feel better because the Puffy provides a more intimate feeling. The pressure I apply from my grip combines with the toy, which is a new experience for me."
Read the full review on Bedbible.com.

NBR Plaza

NBR Plaza Logo

“You could spend hours (well, yes, I’m exaggerating) edging with the Tenga Puffy.”

“I loved playing with the Tenga Puffy and will definitely do so more often!”

“With the three Puffies, Tenga has come up with another new concept that provides a whole new sensation with its soft internal structure and soft sleeve. The Puffy has a very neat appearance and a lot of thought has gone into the ergonomics and design.”

Read the full review on NBR Plaza.


DeltoyaToys Logo

“Simply add some of your favorite lube to the inside of the sleeve and a little on where you will be using and abandon yourself to one of the greatest pleasures that you will feel in your life.

“If you want to increase your pleasure, you can move it up and down, twist it or squeeze it. This way, you will feel the internal textures better and increase your pleasure.”

Read the full review in Spanish on DeltoyaToys.


TessTesst Logo

“... my absolute favorite is the Jiggly Soft Tenga Puffy Mint Green. I do not know if the “jiggly” sensation totally lives up to its reputation. But, despite the softness, those soft balls precisely stimulate my penis well. They allow me (and this was really to my own big surprise) to reach an insanely delicious orgasm and, as you might know, I do not experience such pleasure so fast with a soft masturbator.”

Read the full review in Dutch on TessTesst.

Mamá, no leas


Mamá, no leas Logo

“It’s lovely to stroke but also squeeze depending on your level of arousal. The body is incredibly flexible so even the slightest pressure can be felt on your penis and it increases stimulation during use.”

Read the full review in Spanish on Mamá, no leas.



What are the Internal Textures Like?

Now, this is a difficult one for us to answer in the written word as everyone’s experience will be different. The wonders of biology mean that we, and our penises, are all unique!

But fear not! We have deployed our trusty spelunking camera to give you a penis-eye view of the inside of each TENGA Puffy.

View of internal textures from within the TENGA Puffy Latte Brown

The TENGA Puffy Latte Brown features a wavy interior which traces sensual lines down your shaft as you insert. If you’re looking for variety in the internal constriction without the need to squeeze, this is the one for you!

View of internal textures from within the TENGA Puffy Mint Green

TENGA Puffy Mint Green offers the most bombastic variety of sensations, with big, bouncy nodules covering the entirety of the interior. The overall shape of the interior canal is peppered with stimulating points of constriction, providing a series of nice surprises as you stroke.

View of internal textures from within the TENGA Puffy Sugar White

Sugar by name, sweet by nature - TENGA Puffy Sugar White provides the most gentle, even textures of the entire Puffy range. With just a single, central point of constriction the TENGA Puffy Sugar White gives you the most control when it comes to the stimulation you experience. The power is, quite literally, in your hands.

What Makes the TENGA Puffy Different from Other TENGA Masturbators?

Great question! The TENGA Puffy offers a delightful twist to your pleasure experience. Unlike some of the more structured TENGA items, this sensual marshmallow-soft product provides a unique kind of stimulation that's worth exploring.

On a more technical level, the TENGA Puffy is unique in that it is the only series of masturbators from TENGA that incorporates silicone in the form of a smooth and soft silicone casing.

All of TENGA’s reusable products are designed for ease-of-cleaning - think the removable and reversible inner sleeve of the TENGA Flex Series, or the Flip-open mechanism of the TENGA Flip Series. Among all of these innovations in hygiene, the Puffy is the only TENGA toy that opens at both ends. This allows water to flow in a single direction, ensuring a cleaner product for your next use.

Why Would I Want a Super-Soft Masturbator?

First off, don't mistake "soft" for "weak." The TENGA Puffy is not about compromising on pleasure; instead, it caters to a different crowd. For folks who prefer a more sensitive touch or those seeking a change from the usual firmness, this is where the magic happens.

Picture this: an enveloping, gentle embrace that wraps around your member. It conforms to the specific shape of your penis, creating a personalized fit that feels snug. It's almost like the TENGA Puffy knows exactly what you need.

Which TENGA Puffy is the best?

What is the best sex toy for men who… we'll let you fill in the blanks yourselves. We get questions like this a LOT here at TENGA.

While there is no one-size-fits-all advice, we can help you decide on the best Puffy for you!

If you’re a pure pleasure seeker, then look no further than the TENGA Puffy Mint Green. You want the biggest textures available and Mint Green has got them in spades. With the most defined nubs and bumps of the lot, you’ve got a lot to rub up against. Big sensations without even applying any pressure.

More interested in how the Puffy can enhance your manual masturbation? The TENGA Puffy Sugar White might be the one for you. The relatively simple internal details mean that, when it comes to stimulation, the pressure you apply takes center stage!

If you’re looking for the perfect all-rounder, though, there’s no better choice than the TENGA Puffy Latte Brown. It’s got a balance of varied internal textures and a sprinkling of constriction points, but neither so much that you’ll feel overwhelmed. A solid choice, for sure.

Did you know that Japanese TENGA fans have different Puffy preferences to their American and European counterparts? Latte Brown is ranked top among Puffys in Japan, while Mint Green reigns supreme in our European and American TENGA Stores. Draw your own conclusions there!

Can you Reuse a TENGA Puffy?

Yes! TENGA Puffy male masturbators can all be washed and reused!

The TENGA Puffy uses a high-quality elastomer, designed and engineered by an expert team in Japan for multiple uses. Our materials are a well-kept secret, providing sensations that you won't find in any other penis toy on the market.

With the proper care, you can get hundreds of uses out of the same stroker! Now, that's what I call value for money!

Is the TENGA Puffy a Male Vibrator?

No. The TENGA Puffy is a hand-operated toy that doesn't vibrate, so you don't need batteries or a USB-charger.

You can change up the stimulation on your Puffy by taking advantage of the soft silicone casing. Squeeze the TENGA Puffy tightly and feel the pressure applied spread to a wider area than most other toys.

Is the TENGA Puffy Discreet?

One thing that makes TENGA products stand out from the pack is their subtle designs. Often mistaken for works of art, you can confidently leave your TENGA toy on your bedside table without fear of raising eyebrows.

The TENGA Puffy is no different in this respect and resembles a big marshmallow. It feels just like one, too! Talk about a super discreet sex toy!

"But are they noisy?", I hear you ask!

The TENGA Puffy is not loud by any measure, but it's not totally silent, either. As the penis moves inside the item, the toy will let out a quiet wheezing noise. This happens when your member pushes air out of the end of the item, and is totally normal. With any luck you'll be too enthralled by the marshmallowy-soft sensations to notice!

How do you Clean the TENGA Puffy?

As with all reusable TENGA toys, we engineered the TENGA Puffy to be hygienic and super-simple to look after. No-fuss, quick clean-up male sex toys are what we're famous for, after all.

After use, simply remove the caps on each end of the product and wash with warm water. No soap is necessary, but if you do feel the need, be sure to use a mild, pH neutral soap. That way, you can minimize elastomer degradation and extend the life of your beloved Puffy!

Washing the TENGA Puffy with warm water

While other reusable TENGA toys have a drying stand, the Puffy utilizes an ingenious drying cap system.

To ensure hygienic drying, replace the Top Cover, turn it to the Drying position and leave to air-dry.

Setting the drying cap to the DRYING position

Pick a well-ventilated place to make sure the insides dry quickly and thoroughly.

Can I Use the TENGA Puffy With a Soft Penis?

You could be forgiven for thinking that a soft sleeve is perfect for use with a less-than-rock-hard erection. However, with the insertion point offering some slight resistance, you may find it difficult to get started with a flaccid penis.

Help is on the way, though! TENGA has some great products for those of us who need some gentle encouragement to get going.

Introducing the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER. This attachment is compatible with the TENGA CUP Series items and create an unbelievable suction sensation that can help you achieve an erection during use! Two birds, one stone, am I right?

What Lube Should I use with TENGA Puffy?

We always recommend using water-based lubricant with reusable TENGA pleasure items, including the TENGA Puffy!

Water-based lotions, like the TENGA HOLE LOTION Series, are perfect for elastomer sleeves like the Puffy. They are relatively low cost, feel great, and are super-easy to clean up after use.

Unlike Oil or Silicone-based lubricants, water-based lubes won't stain fabrics and damage your TENGA Puffy's elastomer.
Check out our blog for all about how to choose a lubricant for masturbation.

TENGA offers a range of water-based HOLE LOTIONS! From the thick and smooth HOLE LOTION SOLID to the thinner HOLE LOTION WILD. The viscosity and amount of lotion determines how much of the Puffy's internal details you feel. The thinner the lotion, the more intense the stimulation! Likewise, the more lotion you use, the more there is between you and the details. So we advise you to experiment and see what makes you feel the best.

Stuck on how to choose a TENGA HOLE LOTION?

Try them all with our special TENGA HOLE LOTION Mix and Match Deals! Tap the banner below to enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing any 3 TENGA HOLE LOTIONs!

Mix and Match 3 TENGA HOLE LOTIONs for 10% off

When is the TENGA Puffy Coming out?

The TENGA Puffy is already out. The three TENGA Puffy items were all launched on August 1, 2023 in the US and Canada.

But where can I buy TENGA? TENGA toys are available to purchase wherever quality sex toys are sold. But since you're already here, why not consider buying directly from TENGA STORE USA?

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TENGA Puffy Mint Green

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TENGA Puffy Sugar White

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