What Limited-Edition TENGA Products Are There?

Since its inception in 2005, TENGA products have been applauded for their creativity, innovation, and all-around stylish design.

The TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP, the frontrunner of the TENGA brand, sports a sleek, plastic wrapping that wraps around the CUP to give it its cool, classic design.

The world-renowned red CUP with silver stripes brought TENGA to fame, however through plenty of collaborations and creativity, this red covering has been swapped out for a number of other neat, limited-edition designs.

The TENGA CUP isn’t the only product that has received the Limited-Edition treatment, so let’s take a look at what sort of interesting TENGA products you can find on the TENGA STORE USA, and take a deeper dive to see what sort of fun products you can find in TENGA’s home-country of Japan.



The “Lord Nermal” and “Jermal” designs by RIPNDIP feature a smug cat character flipping not one, but two birds with their humanistic paws. These fun and stylish characters over a pink and black background, respectively, make for a highly-desirable limited-edition TENGA CUP.

A skate-influenced lifestyle label teaming up with our Japan-based sexual wellness brand is about as cool as it gets, so if you’re looking for a TENGA CUP you can show off, the TENGA x RIPNDIP CUPs are a good place to start.

Check out our interview with RIPNDIP founder Ryan O’Connor for more info on this collaboration.

TENGA × Keith Haring Series

The TENGA x Keith Haring items feature the same CUP and EGG shapes and sizes you know and love, but vary in the EGGs’ internal designs. What makes the TENGA x Keith Haring Series EGGs such special masturbators is that they aren’t just equipped with fancy packaging, but are detailed on the inside to reflect the external art designed by Keith Haring.

Here’s the TENGA x Keith Haring - EGG PARTY as an example.

The TENGA x Keith Haring had a huge launch in 2012, with launch parties popping up from NYC to Tokyo, and participation in the 2012 NYC Pride Parade.

Learn more from our TENGA blog: Why You Should Check Out the TENGA x Keith Haring Series.


The COOL TENGA Series include variations on original TENGA items that 

are designed to give a cooling, tingling sensation during and after use. Although more popular in the summer, these chilly items can be used year-round, as these TENGA items never lose their COOL.

With two CUPs, one EGG, one POCKET, one SPINNER and one HOLE LOTION, there are plenty of COOL TENGA to choose from. 

Collaboration CUPs in Japan

Did you know that TENGA sent a rocket into space? Here’s the video to prove it.

To promote the TENGA Rocket in 2021, we released promotional products such as the Space TENGA ROBO Deluxe Rocket Mission Set that comes with space-themed TENGA figures all ready to blast off into space!

Any Netflix fans out there? You might recognize the promotional poster on the right for The Naked Director Season 2.

In-line with our TENGA Rocket promotions, we teamed up with Netflix’s The Naked Director series to bring a limited-edition The Naked Director Season 2 TENGA CUP.

The main character of The Naked Director, Toru Muranishi, as well as the TENGA brand are absolute staples in the Japanese adult industry, so this made for a legendary collaboration.

If you’re looking for some really wacky TENGA CUPs, look no further than the TENGA Midnight World Cafe 10 Year Anniversary Celebration CUP Series!

These CUPs features caricatures of the hosts of the TENGA Midnight World Cafe (TENGA茶屋), which is a TENGA-themed podcast that broadcasts weekly on FM Osaka.

Although now sold out, we also collaborated with streetwear brand Anti Social Social Club to bring another trendy look to the TENGA CUP.

Special TENGA Bobbles in Japan

One of the main appeals of the TENGA CUP Series is the wide variety of options customers have when choosing their strength and softness.

The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP STRONG brings intense stimulation and a tighter fit to the already sensational TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP.

The ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP GENTLE, on the other hand, provides a softer, more tender experience that one could enjoy taking their time with.

TENGA decided to have a similar variety with their 2022-launched product the TENGA Bobble, and released the limited-edition items TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes [DEVIL HARD] and TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles [ANGEL SOFT].

Both of these items are already sold out, so you’re lucky if you got to try one of these special, limited Bobbles!


TENGA fans love the pleasurable, stimulating sensations of any and all TENGA products, but many fans stick around to see what sort of interesting idea TENGA will come up with next.

Since 2005, the TENGA brand has been the frontrunner of fun innovation in the world of sexual wellness, especially in Asia and gradually spreading into the West.

If you enjoyed taking a look at these limited-edition TENGA products, be sure to bookmark the TENGA Store USA and visit the Limited-Edition CUPs page and the Limited-Edition EGG page to check out what TENGA is coming up with next.

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