What Optional TENGA Products Are There?

We have created a lot of different products here at TENGA. Everything from our one-time-use disposables like the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP and TENGA EGG SERIES, to our multiple-use reusables like the TENGA FLIP ZERO and the TENGA Puffy. What about the optional items? It might not be an area of our store you’ve been to yet, but it has pretty great additions to our product lineup!


What are Optional TENGA Items? 

You might be wondering what exactly an optional item is. These for the most part are products that work as attachments to a particular TENGA product. For example, VACUUM GYRO ROLLER works as an attachment to the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP. You don’t necessarily NEED the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER in order to enjoy the ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP, but it can add to your experience. 

We also have gift cards for those times where you need to buy a present for someone and are not sure what to get (what could be better than the gift of pleasure?).


TENGA Vacuum Gyro Roller

Ever wanted to feel strong suction sensations and rolling stimulation while using an ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP? Now you can with the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER. This attachment only has four buttons to control the suction and rotation settings. Pressing the VACUUM selector button for 2 seconds turns the power on/off. 

The first two buttons control the VACUUM strength and the RHYTHMIC VACUUM patterns.

There are two different VACUUM strengths: low and high. This allows for a level of suction that is comfortable and pleasurable for you. Below this button is the release button. If for whatever reason the vacuum’s suction is too strong for you, pressing this button will weaken and release the vacuum. 

Vacuum suction isn’t the only thing that the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER offers. As the name suggests, it also includes a gyro rolling feature for your enjoyment. You can experience this feature in two different ways. 

The first option is the MANUAL Mode, which utilizes the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER's gyro sensor. This sensor detects the angle at which you tilt the device and controls both the speed and direction of the rotation. Once you've found your preferred setting, you can press the speed lock button to maintain your current configuration. To unlock the speed, simply press the button again, allowing you to use the gyro sensor once more. The second option is AUTO mode, which cycles through four distinct rotation and speed patterns for you to choose from.

VACUUM GYRO ROLLER works best with the ROLLING TENGA CUP series of cups. These are the cups that were designed to go with the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER and one is included in the package. However, you can also use the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER with some of the products in the TENGA CUP Series. The regular-sized TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP can be used, but unfortunately, not the TENGA U.S. CUP Series and the SD CUP Series due to the size variation.



The FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION has some similarities to the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER but with some key differences. Mainly the products that the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION is compatible with, and instead of having a vacuum feature, there is a vibration feature. It does, however, have a similar gyro sensor as the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER. 

Thanks to its two vibrating motors, the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION offers an experience of vibrating stimulation across every part of the member. One is located at the deepest point of the device, delivering a pleasurable trembling sensation at the tip. The other is positioned in the center of the device, providing vibrations that can be felt throughout the product during use.

For those seeking various vibration patterns, the device offers three distinct patterns, as well as low and high settings. Switching between these vibration modes is as simple as pressing a button, and holding down the vibration button for two seconds will toggle the vibrations on and off. What sets the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION apart is its unique combination of vibration features with a gyro rotation function. 

 The ROLLING Function is very similar to the one in the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER. They both work due to a gyro sensor that reads the angle that you hold and tilt the device at. This again allows you to control the speed and direction of the rotation. Like the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER, there is a speed lock button where you tap twice to lock in the speed you want to keep. If you don’t want to use the manual mode, there are three rolling patterns you can try out and enjoy.  

The FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION’s  ROLLING Function can be used with all items in the TENGA FLIP ZERO Series. However, only items that are in the TENGA FLIP ZERO EV SERIES can use both the ROLLING Function and the vibration features. To do so, you have to replace the Slide Arms that come with your FLIP ZERO EV and use the Slide Arms that come with the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION.

The FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION and the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER are the only two optional items that are available in the US at the moment but we have had some other items in the past that are still sold abroad. 


Option Items in the Past and Aboard

There are still some optional items to look over that used to be sold in the US, but now are currently only sold abroad. Namely the TENGA FLIP WARMER and TENGA Vacuum Controller.


Have you ever wanted to enjoy a warm, comfortable experience while using your TENGA FLIP? Well you could with the TENGA FLIP WARMER. In just five minutes, this device can heat up your favorite TENGA FLIP toy to a cozy temperature range of 59 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 23 degrees Celsius) when set to the HIGH temperature mode. It is compatible with all items in the TENGA FLIP SERIES. 

Additionally, the FLIP WARMER is available in a FLIP 0 (ZERO) RED & WARMER SET, which includes the TENGA FLIP ZERO RED along with a red FLIP WARMER. Similar to how the FLIP ZERO WHITE and BLACK feature different internal designs, the FLIP ZERO RED also boasts a special design. The concept behind this design is to incorporate special pockets (shown below) that prevent the warmed-up lotion from leaking out of the device, allowing it to stay warm for a longer duration.


It's important to note that the FLIP ZERO RED is the only device in the FLIP ZERO SERIES that deviates from the standard white or black color scheme, sporting a striking red hue that gives it the appearance of an iron-suited superhero.


Finally, we have the TENGA VACUUM CONTROLLER. Much like the previously mentioned VACUUM GYRO ROLLER, this device is designed to provide vacuum suction when used with the TENGA CUP Series.  After removing the seal from the top of  your TENGA CUP you could insert it into the VACUUM CONTROLLER and use the buttons to manipulate vacuum pressure. The VACUUM CONTROLLER came with two different sized adaptors, one for the regular sized cups and one larger sized for the TENGA U.S. CUP Series

A word of caution: only CUPs bearing the "Vacuum Controller Compatible" sticker at the top can be used with this device. Therefore, it's essential to check the label before attempting to use your TENGA CUP to ensure compatibility.


The optional items can add a unique pleasurable experience to some of your favorite TENGA CUP or FLIP ZERO. So if you are looking to try something new, but don’t want to buy a whole new toy, check out the optional collection to find some great additions as well as a gift card for that special someone. 

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