As one of the most discreet TENGA products, the TENGA GEO series garners a lot of interest. Sometimes seen as a reusable version of the disposable TENGA EGG, the GEO Series provides breathtaking sensations through its geometric designs. Currently, the GEO Series consists of the GEO AQUA, the GEO CORAL, and the GEO GLACIER



With so many GEOs to choose from it can be a little confusing which one might be the ‘best’ choice for you. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the differences a little better and figure out which GEO you want to get first!


A Brief Intro to the TENGA GEO


Launching in 2020, the TENGA GEO is a unique sex toy that breaks away from the norm by showcasing the intricate details typically concealed within such products. Designed to be both functionally and visually appealing, it serves as an item that can be proudly displayed. Moreover, the GEO offers users the opportunity to indulge in plushy and pleasurable sensations, thanks to its carefully crafted geometric features. 


Another feature of the GEO series is the stretchability of each toy. Due to being made of elastomer, the GEO can stretch pretty far, allowing users to go deep with each use. The thick, soft, and supple nature of the elastomer ensures comfort, while its quick recovery maintains the toy's integrity. 


Once you've purchased the GEO, you can find specific instructions on how to use it in more detail here. If you're a fan of the popular TENGA EGGS, the TENGA GEO serves as an excellent entry point into the world of reusable items providing a delightful treat for yourself.


What is Innovational About the TENGA GEO?

The standout feature of the TENGA GEO is undoubtedly its captivating geometric designs. These intricate shapes are prominently displayed but cleverly flip to the inside when it's time for use.

Additionally, the thick and soft material used in the construction of the TENGA GEO adds to its appeal. This unique material not only provides more control during use but also enhances overall pleasure, making the experience even more enjoyable.

What are the Differences Between the TENGA GEOs?

While similar in size, what separates the GEO AQUA, GEO CORAL and GEO GLACIER are their patterns and designs. Each GEO provides different pleasurable sensations, so it is worth trying each one. Let’s go over what makes each GEO different.


TENGA GEO AQUA- The TENGA GEO AQUA’s fluid ridges provide a direct undulating pleasure. For those who want a smoother, wavy feeling, then the GEO AQUA is the one for you. 



TENGA GEO CORALExperience elegant, enveloping pleasure with the TENGA GEO CORAL, utilizing its complex peaks and ridges for an unforgettable encounter. The GEO CORAL is your ideal choice if you prefer a more geometric and intense texture.



TENGA GEO GLACIER- Lastly, For those seeking a dynamic, surging sensation, the TENGA GEO GLACIER with its angular prisms delivers exceptionally well.

Still Can’t Choose? Here’s our Suggestion


Still unsure about what to buy? Well, no matter which one you choose from the GEOs, you can't really go wrong. However, we would like to recommend the GEO CORAL. Users have praised its nubs and ridges for providing excellent stimulation and sensations. Of course, these are just our suggestions; when it comes to the GEO series, trust your own preferences for the kind of stimulation you enjoy. If you need guidance on how to use your GEO, you can find our helpful guide here. But above all, remember to simply enjoy your GEO!

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