There are so many options for sex toys and masturbators these days that finding the perfect one may be a bit overwhelming. If you’re unsure about what to get and also want to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, then the TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES may be for you. The TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES is our recently launched TENGA CUP that is dual-ended, just like the Original TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP, however, this time we recreated it with even gentler and stronger sensations.

Learn more about this product and why it could be your next favorite TENGA item!





The TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES is one of our newest additions to the TENGA CUP Series, specifically to the TENGA CUP Strong and Gentle Edition lineup. This newly released DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES allows the user to experience two types of sensations, on one side, there is extremely soft and gentle entwinement, while on the other side, it features a strong gripping sensation. Two amazing experiences for the price of one!

Let’s check out the amazing features:

  • Enjoy both extremely gentle or strong sensations with just 1 CUP
  • Great for those that want to try new things
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Easy to clean & disposal of

It’s no wonder that the TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES is a great option for those of you that want to try something different or are indecisive about whether they would prefer stronger sensations or gentler ones.

A Quick History of the TENGA CUP Series

TENGA CUP Series Line up

After the successful launch of the TENGA ORIGINAL CUP lineup, we had many of our fans suggesting we create different strengths and firmnesses of the CUP. That’s when the TENGA CUP Gentle and Strong Editions were created. The TENGA CUP Gentle and Strong Editions were officially released global back in 2021 with ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP, SOFT CASE CUP, and ROLLING HEAD CUP each with a Gentle and Strong option. Due to the popularity of the Gentle and Strong Editions, we decided to expand the lineup to include the DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES, the AIR FLOW CUP DELICATE GENTLE EDITION, and the AIR FLOW CUP DYNAMIC STRONG EDITION. You can enjoy the DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES one side at a time, and once you have experienced both sides, you easily dispose of it.


The TENGA CUP Series Strong and Gentle Editions

TENGA CUP Gentle & Strong Editions

Priced from $8.50 up to $18.50, the TENGA CUP Series is one of our most diverse collections and makes the perfect choice for someone interested in trying a new sex toy, as there are so many options that there’s definitely one that would fit your preference.

Here is a chart of the all different TENGA CUPs available! With this chart, you can easily see all of the different TENGA CUPs we have, and how they differ in strengths, styles, and materials.

All TENGA CUPs Chart

    Now with the addition of the TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES and TENGA AIR FLOW CUP Gentle and Strong, you have more options for gentle and strong editions of the TENGA CUPs compared to the lineup of only 3 CUPs.

    With so many different types of stimulation, there is sure to be a TENGA CUP that suits your preference! If you’d like more information on how to use a TENGA CUP, you can check out our blog guide here. Or if you are curious to know more about our Premium TENGA CUP Series, here is the perfect blog: How to Choose From the Premium TENGA CUP Series.


    The TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES is a great option for those that would like to try both different extremes of our gentle and strong sensations with one CUP. It is also a great option for those who already love our original DUAL SENSATION CUP but want a bit more. Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out the TENGA DUAL SENSATION CUP EXTREMES, it could be a gift for yourself or for a friend. If you are still undecided on which TENGA item you should try, check out our top 5 disposable TENGA products for some ideas.

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