Why you Should Check Out The TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue

Looking for some new sex toys to try for the new year? There are so many options these days that finding the perfect one may be a bit overwhelming. If you’re unsure about what to get, but still want to try something a little more unique, then the TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue may be for you. The TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue is one of the 2 new additions to our TENGA FLEX series, a series of reusable masturbators that creates spiral sensations.

Learn more about this awesome product and why it could be your next great discovery!



The TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue

The TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue is one of our recently launched products in the TENGA FLEX series. There are currently 4 different variations of the TENGA FLEX, each with its own unique sensations, internal details, and material strength. The TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue features new internal designs and stronger vacuum suction that allows the user to experience the ultimate twisting sensations when using it. To truly experience the best of the TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue, it is recommended that you cover the air hole creating an internal vacuum that then emulates a strong winding suction during use.

Let’s check out the amazing features of the TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue:

  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean and built-in drying stand
  • Able to create winding, spiraling sensations by covering the air hole to create an internal vacuum.
  • Dynamic internal details allow an even more enticing experience

With these amazing features that allow the user to truly unwind and experience dynamic pleasure, it’s no wonder that the TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue is so popular!  

A Quick History of the TENGA FLEX Series

The TENGA FLEX Series was originally released in 2017 with 2 different variations. The TENGA FLEX Series was designed to create a winding suction with spinning, spiral sensations for the user to experience the ultimate pleasure. One where the detailed internal details can be truly experienced. On top of that, the TENGA FLEX Series was awarded the Red Dot design award back in 2018 for its design and high quality in terms of form and function.



TENGA FLEX SeriesPriced at $39 each, the TENGA FLEX Series is one of our more affordable, mid-range reusable products and makes the perfect choice for someone interested in trying a new sex toy with a unique look and experience. Here is a breakdown of the different TENGA FLEX available:



With these enticingly different types of stimulation, there is definitely a TENGA FLEX that suits your style! If you’d like more information on how to use a TENGA FLEX you can check out our handy blog on how to use the TENGA FLEX here. Or, if you are interested in other discreet meticulously designed TENGA pleasure products, you can check out our guide on 8 discreet and quiet TENGA products we recommend.


The TENGA FLEX is one of TENGA’s most unique reusable products, perfectly merging form with functionality. Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out the TENGA FLEX Bubbly Blue, maybe as a gift for yourself or for a friend. If you are looking to buy a new sex toy this year, check out our top 5 reusable TENGA products for ideas on products loved by other TENGA customers.

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