Why you Should Check Out the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles

On the market for a new sex toy but overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options on the market? Have you decided to invest in a reusable masturbator but would like to try out something a little more unique, set apart from other reusable options? If that’s the case, then the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles is the perfect choice for you!

The TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles is one of the latest releases in TENGA’s lineup of reusable masturbators. What sets the Bobble apart from other masturbators is its combination of ultra-soft exterior and firmer internal embedded pieces. When put together, these contrasting sensations create a truly first of its kind user experience.

Let’s learn more about this awesome product and why it could be your next favorite item in your TENGA collection!


The TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles

The TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles is one of the latest additions to TENGA’s lineup of reusable masturbators. This newly released product allows the user to experience two contrasting sensations at once despite only using one product. The TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles contrasts gentle and dynamic sensations, thanks to the soft elastomer with firmer Marbles embedded inside.Let’s break down what makes the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles such a unique product:

  • Experience both ultra-soft and flexible, firmer sensations at the same time
  • Highly-elastic, ultra-soft elastomer to create a highly stretchable item that can fit a variety of sizes
  • Easy to clean construction with built in hygienic drying/storage case

With this plethora of features, it is no wonder why the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles is an enticing newcomer.

A Quick History of the TENGA Bobble Series

The TENGA Bobble was released in 2022 with two different variations available internationally, the aforementioned TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles and the TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes. Each version of the TENGA Bobble features different shapes embedded in the elastomer.

What sets the TENGA Bobble apart from other reusable items, is the amount of contrasting sensations that the user is able to experience thanks to the different shapes embedded in the elastomer. Additionally, many people appreciate that TENGA Bobble features an ultra-stretchable design, able to be enjoyed by a variety of different users. To use, simply lubricate the item’s insertion point and inside, and hold the TENGA Bobble firmly to insert. You can adjust your grip and pressure to get the most out of the different shapes depending on your preferences.

The TENGA Bobble was created using newly developed molding technology allowing for firmer elastomer parts to be attached inside of stretchy, soft material. This attention to detail creates sensations that have yet to be experienced in the world of masturbators, and we highly recommend you give it a shot.

In Japan, the TENGA Bobble is also available in two limited edition versions: The TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes [DEVIL HARD] and the TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles [ANGEL SOFT]. If you visit Japan, these exclusive items would make great souvenirs to bring back home!

The TENGA Bobble Series

Available for purchase at $27 each, the TENGA Bobble series is one of our more affordable reusable items. If you are someone who is interested in trying something unique and designed using the latest technology, but not quite ready to make a big splurge, the TENGA Bobble series is a perfect place to start.

Here is the breakdown of the current TENGA Bobble available:

TENGA Bobble Magic Marbles - Wavy Marbles Flow and Roll for a Playful Tumble

TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes- Edgy Cubes Bounce and Bump for a Wild Ride

From these options, there is sure to be a TENGA Bobble that aligns with your preferences. Better yet, for those wanting more of an adventure, you could always choose both options of the TENGA Bobble to compare. For more information on how to pick out the best TENGA Bobble for you, check out our blog, How To Choose from the TENGA Bobble Series. For more in depth information on how to make sure the TENGA Bobble gives you as much of a pleasurable experience as possible, read our blog How Do I Use the TENGA Bobble?


The TENGA Bobble series is one of TENGA’s latest reusable offerings available internationally. The TENGA Bobble utilizes new molding technology allowing the user to experience two contrasting sensations in one product. If this is the first time you have heard about the TENGA Bobble series, hopefully this article has made you a little more interested in trying it out. If you have been interested in the TENGA Bobble, we hope that with this information you can make an informed decision on which item to purchase!




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