Where to Buy Sex Toys

Shopping for a new adult toy can be exciting but, at the same time, a bit intimidating. Where do you go? What kind of sex toy do you choose? There are toys out in the market resembling human body parts, ones that look like alien squid monsters, bunnies that look like they came out of a failed lab experiment, and even toys decorated in psychedelic colors that glow in the dark. 

If that’s what you like, awesome! But if not, we hope you won’t be traumatized. As if that weren’t intimidating enough, there are also vibrating and non-vibrating options that can affect your pleasure as well as your wallet. While this does not mean you have to choose just one toy for life, it does help if you know what you want to start with. Having a clear idea can save you a lot of time, stress, and money.

In this article, we provide you with some very important points to consider when selecting and purchasing a sex toy. Your next choice could determine whether that toy becomes your best buddy, or another forgettable one night stand. But fear not, we are here to help you find the one that brings you satisfaction and pleasure night after night! So stay tuned and read on.



Where to Start

it's a perfect time to start shopping for your new sex toy

First things first, when you want to buy a sex toy where do you start? Indeed, where you begin your shopping experience can determine what brands and models you see. There are many companies selling adult toys these days. With so many, how do you know what you're really getting? Are they safe? What materials do they use? Do they have reviews from outside parties? Are they selling fakes? And what kind of refund and exchange policy do they have? In general, is the site you are looking at okay to buy a sex toy?

If you are reading this, no doubt you've landed on TENGA's website. This would be a great place to start. What would be better than to shop with a brand that has been around for 18 years and counting? We've also done our homework. Every few years, we commission a study on masturbation, following the trends and habits of people around the world, called the TENGA Self-Pleasure Report. Any company that cares that much about peoples' self-pleasure has got to have some great products!

TENGA has a wealth of information for you. You should check us out at https://www.tenga.co/

 Take a look at any of TENGA's product pages and you'll find some very useful information. For example, each product's special features are listed on the page, what it's made of (materials), as well as the dimensions so you can tell if the size is the right fit for you. In addition, we've made videos for a lot of our items to help show how they work.

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Lastly, we have made our returns and exchange policy clear so there is no confusion. It's true, once a product has been opened, due to the nature of the product, it cannot be returned for refund. Most large retailers follow the exact same policy (there's a hygiene and safety aspect to this also). If there is a clear defect, the item can be exchanged. We just wanted to be honest and upfront with you on this.

There's no substitute for actually trying out the item, but we try to leave as few stones unturned to help you make a better decision on what may be a great fit for you.


Do You Know What You Want?

Do you know what you want - we can help

So let's talk about what kind of item you might want to try. If you haven't decided yet, ask yourself what kind of sensations you would like to experience. A softer elastomer provides a more enveloping feel around the shaft. A firmer elastomer provides more stimulation. Are you interested in vibration, or would you like to experience a spinning motion? Of course, you can always choose multiple options and purchase several items. There is no end to the types of sensations you can feel with a variety of products and lotions. Just have an idea of what you would like so you can make your search a lot easier on yourself.


 Online or In-Store?

malls and brick and mortar stores can be fun, but you also might also have to fight the long lines

There is also the question of whether you should purchase online or go to an actual brick and mortar store. Of course, there is the issue of some people not wanting to be seen at an adult shop (‘what would my neighbor say if they found out?’ Well, maybe they’re already there picking out their favorite!). Online stores offer more privacy when selecting, and you can take your time reading up on the features and studying as many items as you like. 

On the other hand, not that you could actually try the product out first (there are health and safety issues which would not allow this), but some physical retail stores may have a display where you can actually see and touch the product to get a better idea of what you are purchasing. You might also be able to talk with a store employee and get their opinion as well (Yes, they’re used to talking about these things). 

As the topic of self-pleasure is becoming more and more open for discussion, we have seen many big box retailers offer sex toys for sale on their shelves. At many places, you can pick up your groceries, your prescription items, and a vibrator or sleeve, all in one stop. Still, some people may feel a bit embarrassed about standing in line with a sex toy in their shopping cart. Depending on your level of comfort, online shopping may relieve many of these barriers to purchasing.

there's lots of info on the US TENGA Shop

Our Online TENGA Store will give you all the information you need!

You can also opt for doing your research online, finding out as much as you can about a certain item, and then going to a retail store and heading directly to the item that you want. If you are considering buying a TENGA product, either online or at a physical location, our site provides a wealth of information, including reviews and details on each product we sell. 

Please note that TENGA is not only a seller of adult sex toys, but we also design, manufacture, market, and sell our own items. You can rest assured that we have attempted to think about every aspect of the item and how it can bring the best pleasure to our customers. We hope that you might use our resources that are available online in order to make your decision.

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And for those who do wish to support their local brick and mortar store, you can also go to our website and check out which stores carry authorized TENGA merchandise. Just go to tenga.co and at the top of the menu, select BUY TENGA and then select TENGA STORE LOCATOR. For those not in the US, this can also be a convenient way to find a location. Choose which region you live in and find a retail or online store to shop. It’s that simple. 

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We hope this helps you solve any dilemmas about where to buy sex toys. You now have more options for choosing one than ever before! Remember that a wealth of knowledge is just a click away on TENGA Store USA. Our TENGA Blogs also provide some very meaningful insight into TENGA products as well as the topics of masturbation and wellness in general. 

We believe it is everyone’s right to enjoy self-pleasure and practice it in a safe and secure environment. For us to make it as accessible as possible for you is our job. Please enjoy and even share this information with someone you care about.

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