What Special and Limited Edition Eggs are There?

At TENGA, we love eggs. Not just the food ones, but also the TENGA EGG line of items.  From the regular strength TENGA EGG to the stronger HARD BOILED TENGA EGG, we have made a TON of different EGG varieties that all have unique sensations. You might have seen some of these while browsing the TENGA STORE USA, but have you tried our Special and Limited Edition TENGA EGGS? Don’t worry if you haven’t because today we are going to be going over our Special and Limited Edition TENGA EGGS and what makes them special.




The TENGA EGG LOVERS is a beloved EGG that has a special heart-shaped pattern that provides intense stimulation. This egg is perfect for a romantic time with a special someone, or for a relaxing night at home. 



While we have had items with the Pride rainbow design in the past, the EGG SHINY PRIDE EDITION is the first to be sold all year round! This is due to TENGA’s belief that LGBTQ+ pride shouldn’t be constrained to just June. One aspect that makes the EGG SHINY PRIDE EDITION special is that part of the proceeds go to various LGBTQ+ charities. Some charities we donated to are:

So if you want to support the LGBTQ+ community, or just experience the shiny textures of the EGG itself, then the EGG SHINY PRIDE EDITION is perfect for you.


TENGA x Keith Haring EGGs

We were lucky enough to work with the Keith Haring Foundation to make these special collaboration TENGA EGGs. Each EGG in this collaboration contains interior and exterior designs of Haring’s artwork. Currently, there are three designs to choose from:

  • TENGA × KEITH HARING - EGG STREET: The urban life designs provide a strong rush of simulations and pleasure. Though each part of the interior design seems to contrast with the other, they come together to create a fantastic rush of sensations. 
  • TENGA × KEITH HARING - EGG DANCE: Get your groove on with this danced-themed EGG. The insides combine different rounded nubs and edges to provide more rhythmic sensations. 
  • TENGA × KEITH HARING - EGG PARTY: Treat yourself to a one-person party. The interior details start you off with a mellow stimulation, but ramps up after you keep going providing a feeling of pleasure that you will surely indulge in.

With each of these  EGGs, you can learn the art of feeling good. 



Have you ever found yourself wanting to have some “private time” alone on a  summer’s day, but were too hot to do anything? No? Just us? Well, if you found yourself in that incredibly niche situation or want to experience a new chilling sensation, the EGG SNOW CRYSTAL is perfect for you. 

Not only does the EGG SNOW CRYSTAL have a snowflake design to get you in the winter mood, but it also comes with a packet of  COOL Lotion. With these two features, you beat the heat by experiencing chilling sensations. A great way to survive these particularly hot summers.


While we of course think that all of the TENGA EGGs are great, the special and limited edition variations are perfect for some more “special” situations. Whether it’s sharing an intimate moment of pleasure with that significant person in your life, wanting to show off your pride all year round, or simply looking for a new way to treat yourself.

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