What Stimulation Types TENGA Offers

TENGA launched back in 2005 with the 5 Original CUP Series. Despite it being a relatively small selection compared to what TENGA offers today, we knew that pleasure is different for everyone, and so even then we offered a choice of 5 types of stimulation! Since then, TENGA has continued to expand both our product lines and the types of stimulation they have to offer. Let’s take a look at a few products and the different stimulation types you could try  


Types of Stimulation

Below we’ll be taking a look at some products from various series and what types of stimulation they could offer.  

Spiraling Sensations

First up we have spiraling sensations, and the most obvious product to produce this sensation - the TENGA SPINNER Series. Each of the six SPINNERs come with an internal coil built into the elastomer that makes the SPINNER twist as you move the item, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke. Each SPINNER offers differing sensations due to their unique internal details, which you can learn more about here.  


There’s also the TENGA FLEX Series, with a subtle clue to the offered by the outer design. The malleable spiral ribbed casing and the air hole on the top when during use, makes the ribs create the spiraling sensation due to the internal vacuum. This allows the FLEX to unwind as you insert, creating a twisting motion for a feeling like nothing before! If you’d like to learn more about the TENGA FLEX, check out our blog here.


Stretchy Sensations

Next, we have some stretchy stimulations. The TENGA 3D comes in 5 different styles that offer differing sensations. Each of these designs, when reversed, transforms the external shapes of the TENGA 3D into the internal details that provide stimulation during use. When it comes to cleaning, the TENGA 3D has a drying stand built-in to help with both cleaning and storage. As the 3D is made from a malleable material that won’t break being turned inside out, it also offers a stretchier experience for those who may be of a larger size.


For a different, stretchy and squishier experience look no further than the TENGA GEO Series. They are easy to clean and reusable, making them like a reusable EGG, although the experience is a lot different. Much like the TENGA 3D, the TENGA GEO are all reversible, turning their geometrically inspired designs into the provider of pleasure. The TENGA GEO also come with a drying stand built-in for hygienic cleaning and storage. To hear what our customers think of each of the TENGA GEO, you can read some of their reviews in our blog here


Detailed, Dynamic Stimulation

For the ultimate in detailed, dynamic stimulation, look no further than the FLIP 0 Series. The FLIP 0 aimed to provide new heights of pleasure with a seamless insertion point that provides a strong vacuum made possible by a one-way valve..

If this doesn’t sound stimulating enough for you though, there’s always the FLIP 0 EV Series that adds vibration into the mix. The FLIP 0 EV provides encompassing stimulation paired with controllable vibrations for an experience that’s out of this world.  


If you’d like an detailed, dynamic experience but vibration sounds a bit too much for you, then how about something with additional details? If that sounds like an experience you’d like to try, then the FLIP ORB Series might be perfect. The ribbed waves are punctuated by alternating orbs that bound and ripple as you pass through for a boost in stimulation. 


A Bit of Everything

If you still can’t decide between those sensations, then maybe you’re the type who likes to try a variety of feelings. If that’s the case, then the TENGA EGG Variety Packs are our recommendation. Available in three different styles, each with 6 EGGs inside that offer completely different internal details, you’ll be sure to find an EGG that suits you. If a variety pack sounds like too much you can mix and match by buying a couple of select EGGs separately

Other Types of Stimulation

Those aren’t the only stimulations TENGA has to offer. In fact, there are products specifically made for those who like gentler stimulations, stronger sensations and even a range of COOL products for those who might like a menthol edge to their pleasure.


With TENGA offering so many different stimulation types, there are plenty to try. If you know what type of stimulation works best for you, then we’d recommend looking into our recommended products above. Alternatively, if there’s a new type of stimulation we covered that you haven’t tried before but sounds interesting, why not consider trying out a new experience? You just might find something new that you like!

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