What Kind of Gentle Stimulation does TENGA Offer?

Since TENGA’s launch back in 2005, TENGA has expanded both their product lines and the types of stimulation they have to offer from the flagship 5 Original CUP Series. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the TENGA products that offer gentle stimulation. 


What is Good about Gentle Stimulation? 

Gentle products are perfect for being used for longer. If you’re looking for products where you can have more luxurious masturbation sessions, taking your time to enjoy each rib and nub of the product, then Gentle products may be for you. 

It’s also worth mentioning that some people may prefer a stronger sensation while for others even the ‘standard’ level of stimulation may be too much. This is why Gentle products like those above can also offer the same kind of experience but tailored for those who prefer a gentler touch. They may additionally be useful for edging when masturbating, as the gentler stimulation can make it easier to extend your self-pleasure session.

An Explanation of the White-colored Product Series

A lot of TENGA products that are white-colored are either the standard type of stimulation for that series or offer a gentler experience to their counterparts. If there is a Black and White variation in a series (such as the FLIP 0 Series for example), then the white-colored variation will always be the Gentler of the two stimulations. 

For those who want the luxurious sensations of an actual "gentle" stimulation product, we have the FLIP 0 EV Soft Edition (no longer in production), Gentle CUPs, and a limited edition soft version of one of our most popular product series (spinner) Let’s take a look at some examples.

TENGA FLEX Silky White

First up we have the TENGA FLEX Silky White. The FLEX's spiral-ribbed casing creates a "spinning stimulation", and when you cover the air hole at the top of the item, the FLEX will wind and unwind, creating a spiraling movement! The TENGA FLEX Silky White's interior ribs specifically give a gentle spiraling embrace.


The TENGA FLIP 0 EV Soft (no longer in production), while being a vibrating product, was built with gentle stimulations in mind. The ‘squishier’ material means that by squeezing the pad in the middle,  the item provides even stronger vibrations when in use. With this unique synergy of soft materials and strong dual-motor vibration, the FLIP 0 EV Soft offers a whole new level of pleasure that’s perfect for those who prefer a gentler, enveloping sensation.

Gentle CUPs

While some may be familiar with the 5 Original CUP Series, did you know that there are gentle CUPs? All products in the CUP Series have a Gentle version made with a softer material and reworked internal details to give an entirely different sensation. There is also an EXTRA Gentle Original Vacuum CUP to take things to the next level!


We have also released a new version of the popular SPINNER Series. These extra gentle and soft versions of the SPINNER PIXEL, SPINNER BEADS and SPINNER BRICK feature a softer material, making it easier to grip and control the strength of stimulation you experience. Be sure to check them out as well!


When it comes to stimulation, everyone is different. What works for others may not work for you, this is true when it comes to sexual stimulation. There is a place for gentle stimulation for those who want a more luxurious, sensation you can savor, OR find the standard a bit find ‘standard sensations’ too intense. Or maybe just for those who just want to try an entirely new type of stimulation. Why not give a gentler product a try? You might discover that it’s something you personally like!

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