A TENGA for Every Size

When looking for suitable sex toys, one of the main questions people ask is ‘Will it fit me?’, as there can be few things as disheartening as receiving a new toy, only to not be able to use it. TENGA produces a wide range of products, so there should be something for every size! (All insertion sizes are written on the product pages.)


    What’s the Average?

    To set up a baseline, we have to see what is the average penis size, and average TENGA insertion size.

    A survey showed that on average the length of an erect penis was 5.16 inches, with a girth of 4.59 inches (diameter of 1.46 inches).
    Most TENGA products are designed with these measurements in mind, averaging insertion lengths of between 5 and 6 inches, and maximum diameters of approximately 2 inches. Due to the soft internals of the products, being slightly under these measurements means you will still feel the details.

    These measurements are most important for hard cased products, as there is less give or pressure for other sizes. Such products include the CUP, FLIP, and FLEX Series.

    The CUPs are low priced, and perfect for trying out different sensations to find the ones you like. The FLIP Series has some of our most advanced reusable products that flip open for easy cleaning. The FLIP 0 EV Series also has 2 motors embedded in the elastomer for extra stimulation. The FLEX Series provides twisting sensations, and you can control the suction by covering the hole on the end.

    As for our stretchable items, girth should not be an issue for all sizes, and they are more accommodating for length as well.

    Now that we know what's average, let's take a look at what TENGA has, even if you feel like you're further along either end of the size spectrum.

    What if I Don’t Reach the End?

    So what happens if these measurements are too big for you? No problem, TENGA has you covered.

    All TENGA products are designed with intricate details throughout, which means no matter the length, there will be amazing sensations.

    However, there are some products that might be better suited:

    Soft cased:

    Products without a hard case such as the EGG Series, 3D Series and GEO Series allow direct pressure from your hand, so you can feel the full details regardless of fit.

    The EGG Series have a wide variety of internal details, to help you find one you like. The 3D Series look like objets d’art, and are inverted to make the outer designs the internal details. The GEO Series are made of soft and thick elastomer for deeper sensations.

    Smaller insertion sizes:

    Some products have smaller insertion sizes to begin with, such as the crysta Series and SPINNER Series. They are stretchable, but smaller to start to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

    The crysta Series look like beautiful decorations, and the floating parts create unique sensations as you change your grip. The SPINNER Series twist as you insert, due to the internal coil. Hold the top or the base for maximum spinning sensations.

    Will I Get Full Coverage?

    The possibility that the average sizes are too small is also there, but TENGA can accommodate.

    For those slightly above the average, we do have the U.S. (Ultra Size) CUPs for insertion depths of about 7 inches and widths of 2.4 inches.

    Any larger than that, and we would recommend super stretch products such as the EGG Series and 3D Series. The lack of a hard case that could cause constriction, along with their elastic materials means that they can stretch to cover larger sizes than our other products. They can fit up to about 10 inches!


    Most TENGA products have been designed for medically published average penis sizes, but have taken into account that it is not for everyone. Our hard cased products have soft internal material to allow pleasure to a range of sizes around the average, but we also have malleable products and super stretchable products to suit most sizes. As all our products have insertion sizes on the product pages, you can feel confident that one will be the right fit for you.

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