Top 5 Small Vibrators from TENGA and iroha

Both TENGA and iroha produce sex toys that aim to make sexuality and products aimed for those needs more accessible and acceptable with their innovative designs and technology. If you're looking for a vibrator, but nothing too cumbersome, we have a great selection of small vibrators to use in solo or partnered play. Here are our recommendations on the top 5 small vibrators from TENGA and iroha. 


Small Vibrators From TENGA

While TENGA doesn’t have as many small vibrators as our sister brand iroha, this is our top recommended choice from our product lines.


The SVR (SMART VIBE Ring) Series are a selection of silicone vibrating rings that can be used during partnered play. The SVR Series is specifically designed to enhance your partnered pleasure, although it can also be used in solo play. These small vibrators are perfect for keeping by your bedside or as a companion for your travels.

Recently the TENGA SVR one has been added to the collection, which has a C-shaped ring to attach and remove it in the moment. The lower price point and simple ON/OFF control makes it perfect for beginners.

Small Vibrators From iroha

TENGA may not have a wide variety of smaller vibrating products, but iroha on the other hand, have multiple small vibrators on offer. Here are our top picks for small vibrators offered by iroha.

iroha stick

Created to be a compact item that easily slips into any pocket or purse, the iroha stick is unobtrusive, so you can confidently keep it close at hand. The iroha stick has a soft silicone tip that is gentle on skin, and is also waterproof so it’s ready whenever or wherever you need it. The iroha stick is the perfect discreet, small vibrator.

iroha mini

The iroha mini is designed around the concept of palm-sized pleasure. Smaller than the palm of your hand, this small vibrator packs a punch; in the bath or in the bedroom, it is convenient to keep by your side. The design also makes this small vibrator very discreet, so you can keep it almost anywhere without people realising what it is!

Honorable Mentions

While the above are our solid recommendations for small vibrators, we couldn’t help but give a couple of honorable mentions to these two products.


The TENGA SVR+ is slightly larger than the original SVR Series at 97mm and weighs 34g, yet still perfectly small and lightweight. The TENGA SVR+ is 1.5x more powerful than the original SVR Series, so the users can enjoy even stronger sensations for partnered play. If you want a compact partnered item but think the original SVR is a little too gentle, the TENGA SVR+ should satisfy you.

iroha temari

While not as small as our previous iroha mentions, the iroha temari is another example of a surprisingly small vibrator. Offering one of the strongest external vibrating sensations available from the iroha line in such a small package. Despite the powerful vibrations it can produce, the case is specially devised to reduce vibration transmission to the holder. All this in a handy, compact design.


TENGA & iroha have a variety of smaller vibrators that are convenient for storage or for portability and use during travel. These are just a few of our recommendations, but let us know on socials or in product reviews of which product is the best small vibrator!

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