7 Best Cute Sex Toys from TENGA and iroha

Both TENGA and iroha produce sex toys that aim to make sexuality and products aimed for those needs more accessible and acceptable with their innovative designs and technology. While some of our products are sleek and minimalist, some of them are cute, too!! Here are our recommendations on the top 5 cute sex toys from TENGA and iroha. 


Cute Sex Toys From TENGA

While TENGA’s designs vary from sleek minimalism to high-tech complexity, there are a couple of cute sex toys we’d recommend.


When it comes to cute sex toys from TENGA, the EGGs are the clear winners. Not only are they shaped like eggs, but their variety of designs and colorful exteriors make them appealing to even sex toy beginners. If you want to try a single EGG then we’d recommend trying the EGG Wavy II, and for a firmer sensation the EGG Thunder. As for the packs of EGGs, we’d recommend choosing the New Standard EGG Variety Pack.


The TENGA SPINNER wasn't originally designed to be cute, but we think that the colorful internal spiral makes this a solid contender for being a cute sex toy. Coming in six different varieties, the TENGA SPINNER Series has stimulation and a color for everyone. If you need some help choosing a SPINNER for yourself, you can check out our blog here.

Cute Sex Toys From iroha

TENGA's designs may not have been originally designed to be cute, but iroha on the other hand, have multiple products that could be considered cute! In fact, the majority of their products probably fit into this category! Here are our top picks for cute sex toys from iroha

iroha Series

The first of the iroha product series and still one of the cutest. Each of the iroha Series is designed to be evocative of something. The iroha YUKI resembles a snowman, the iroha MIDORI is based off the green Japanese Warbler, and the iroha SAKURA matches the shape and color of a cherry blossom petal

iroha+ Series

The next step forward in the iroha product line, the iroha+ Series is a natural evolution from the previous iroha. Each is designed with specific functions in mind. These three toys took the evolution of the iroha aesthetic to a whole new level of beginner-friendly, beautiful designs with a much stronger vibration. Again, each product represents a different shape: the iroha+ TORI a bird, the iroha+ KUSHI a hedgehog and the iroha+ YORU a whale

iroha zen Series

The iroha zen’s design concept is the name zen also conveys a very Japanese aesthetic. Designed to invoke the image of a ‘Chasen’, or Japanese tea whisk, each of the names is tea-related. The zen MATCHA is for powdered green tea, the zen HANACHA for flower tea, and the zen YUZUCHA for a drink made in Japan, with a mix of green tea and yuzu fruit juice. The design is also very cute and colorful!

Honorable Mentions

While the above are our solid recommendations for cute sex toys, we couldn’t help but give a couple of honorable mentions to these two products.


If you thought the TENGA EGGs are cute, then you might just like the TENGA GEO Series too. Often described as a larger TENGA EGG, that’s only half right. While the material is the same and the shape very similar, each TENGA GEO is designed to give a different stimulation based on the shapes of nature. They are also reusable as opposed to the disposable nature of the EGGs. Cute and functional.

iroha RIN Series

The RIN continue the tradition of beautifully Japanese inspired aesthetics. The name describes a kind of solid, bracing, deep-set inner strength; intelligence, wisdom, grace, elegance, and dignity. The design, of the RIN is also based on a specific type of traditional Japanese hair accessory. You can read more about it in our blog on the history of iroha products here.


TENGA & iroha have lots of cute sex toys that are designed to fit into your everyday life, with aesthetically pleasing, non-explicit designs. These are just a few of our recommendations, but let us know on socials or in product reviews of which product you think is the cutest!

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