What is Lotion and How do I Use It During Masturbation?

Whether you call it lotion, lubrication or just simply lube, a lot of people still hold a lot of misconceptions about this useful product. While most people might believe that it’s only used by teenagers or the elderly, lotion is actually far more useful than you might think. So, if you’re asking the following questions: What is lotion? When should I use lotion? Or how do I even use it? Then don’t worry, we've got the answers below.


What is Lotion / Lube?

When searching for lubricants or lotions online, you might stumble across searches for oils for use in garages or cosmetic moisturisers. What we’re talking about is lotions or lubricants made to add moisture or ‘lubricate’ during sexual activity, whether that’s masturbation or sex. But what is the difference between lotion and lubrication?

The key difference between a lubricant and a lotion is the duration. Both are designed to be used for various reasons during both masturbation or sexual activity. They are both beneficial for multiple reasons (covered below) during use, although are not designed to last, but lotions are generally designed to last longer than lube.

When should I Use Lotion?

There are many good reasons why lotion should be used during masturbation or sexual activity. Here are some of the best reasons to make sure you lube up.

It Can be Used for Multiple Purposes

Lotion or lube is useful in almost every sexual situation, depending on the type of lotion you choose to use. Whether you’re masturbating with just your hand, a sex toy, or engaging in partnered play or sex, lotion has a use. Overall, lotion is there to provide more lubrication, making any activity you’re doing feel smoother, and with less risk of injury or chaffing

It Can Help Enhance Pleasure

Lotion isn’t just useful for adding a bit of lubrication – it can be used at any time during sex, or masturbation to up the fun in a number of ways. Lotion can come in many different flavors, and some are developed to add different sensations such as a warming or cooling effect when applied.

Some lotions can even help to delay ejaculation too if this is a concern for you. When (non-oil-based) lubrication is used is used with a condom, it can also help people who have issues with the way sex feels different when protected. Lotion can be used in many ways to enhance the pleasure for yourself and your partner

Makes Both Sex and Masturbation Safer

We would always recommend the use of lotion when using a sex toy, as not using enough lubrication can lead to injury. If you’re using condoms, lotion can also make it less likely to break or slip off, which may increase your protection against STIs. Just be sure to use a water or silicone-based lotion, as other types may cause damage to the condom.

Useful When Experiencing Dryness

Vaginal dryness during sex is more common than you may think and happens for several reasons, including your hormone levels, where you are in your menstrual cycle, how stressed you are etc. The natural lubrication of the penis can also differ, and dryness is something that shouldn’t be embarrassing nor misinterpreted! Lotion is perfect for situations like this where some additional help is wanted to lubricate. If you do have any concerns regarding dryness, however, we suggest, first, visiting a medical professional for advice. 

How do I Use Lotion?

When you start using lotion it is best to apply it on your fingertips, then on the desired areas - for example, the vagina, penis, sex toy, on a condom once put on or any other part of the body.

There’s no general rule concerning how much lube you should use and can depend on multiple factors such as your or your partners natural level of lubrication, the kind of sexual activity you’re engaging in (foreplay, vaginal sex, massages, anal sex etc) and/or your specific sex toy product you’re using.

Try starting with two or three drops depending on the lotion and see how that helps. If you’re satisfied, stop there, if not, you can always add more. Just be aware that depending on the lotion, the effect will wear off eventually. While silicone-based lotions last the longest, even they may eventually need reapplication.

For extra reassurance, always be sure to follow these general recommendations too:

Pick the Right Lotion

Using the wrong kind of lotion on your toy or with a condom can cause damage and/or make the product ineffective. For example, don’t use silicone-based lotions with silicone toys or condoms to avoid these kinds of issues. You can read more in our blog about avoiding common sex toy mistakes here.

Check for Allergies

Be sure to check if you're allergic to any ingredient of your chosen lotion before using it. If you've read the ingredient list on the packaging but are unsure, you can do this by performing a patch test, as this can be the easiest and safest way of testing.

Lotions and Contraception

Remember that lotions are not contraceptives. The majority of them do not contain spermicide, so they are ineffective at preventing pregnancies or STD transmission. Not only this, but as mentioned, using the wrong type of lotion may cause other forms of contraception such as condoms to no longer work completely

What Kinds of Lotion does TENGA Offer?

TENGA's products all offer a variety of sensations, but we also know that lube can make all the difference! So now that we’ve covered what lotion is, and how to use it, let’s take a look at the kinds of lotion that TENGA has on offer.

*Please note that TENGA's lotions are formulated for optimum use with TENGA products and are not specifically designed for use during sex.


The TENGA HOLE LOTION is a series of four different sex toy lotions that vary mostly in the viscosity of the liquid. The four TENGA HOLE LOTIONs are the HOLE LOTION [MILD], HOLE LOTION [REAL], HOLE LOTION [WILD] and the HOLE LOTION [SOLID]. The WILD features the lowest thickness of lotion all the way up to the SOLID. While all can be used on all TENGA sex toys that are compatible with lotions, there are subtle differences that can change the way our products feel during use.

You can read more about the TENGA HOLE LOTION selection and how to choose which might be right for you in our blog here.


For a more portable lotion option, we have the TENGA EGG LOTION. It's the same viscosity/thickness as the lube that comes in our EGG pouches, which is not otherwise available. So if you like our EGGs then this EGG shaped lotion gives you the perfect travel-sized lubricant in the palm of your hand!


Lotion or lube is useful in many different situations and can help anyone have a more natural and smooth experience whether masturbating or engaging in sexual activities. As long as you keep in mind the general helpful tips we’ve listed above and pick the right kind of lotion for the right situation, you’ll soon discover that you can never have enough lube!

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