Ways To Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

When you think of testosterone, what are the first things that come to your mind? Macho-ness, big muscles, or maybe a high sex drive. Testosterone’s function is much more than that.

When a boy hits puberty, their testosterone levels surge as they transition into adulthood, and then when they reach the age of 30, every year the testosterone levels decrease by around 1% naturally. On top of that, there are certain conditions that can cause the individual to have lower testosterone levels. In this article, we are going to take a look at testosterone in general and natural ways to improve your testosterone levels. Please keep in mind that it is always best to consult your doctor before any major lifestyle changes.



Keep on reading to find out ways to give your testosterone levels a boost!

Testosterone’s Role in Your Healths 

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that plays a vital role in the male anatomy, specifically, sexual function and libido, sperm production, bone health, and muscle mass. It is also associated with fat storage in men and red blood cell production and can affect male mood.

Both too high and too low testosterone can affect a person's health, so it is usually better to be in the mid-range. In this article, we are going to focus on how to naturally increase low testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone

As people age, the level of testosterone naturally decreases, and sometimes, due to lifestyle choices, or medical conditions, the testosterone level could drop even more. This could lead to low testosterone, also known as Low T Levels.

Low testosterone can result in the following symptoms:

  • Loss of body and facial hair
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Low sex drive and libido
  • Impotence and decrease of sperm production, which can lead to infertility
  • Increase in breast size
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Poor concentration
  • Increase the chance of depression
  • Brittle bones
  • Weight Gain


Increasing Testosterone Naturally


It is important to have and maintain a healthy amount of testosterone. Luckily, there are ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels. These natural ways of testosterone increase can help you maintain a good level of testosterone without overdoing it.

Exercise More
Exercising and weight training are great ways to increase testosterone. Exercising is overall beneficial for your health. For some individuals, losing weight can also help bring their testosterone levels back up. One study has shown that obese men tend to have lower testosterone than those that are not overweight.

Reduce Your Stress
Stress can be very harmful to your body in so many ways. Oftentimes when a person is stressed, their cortisol levels are higher. Cortisol can affect your health in many ways including; your body’s reaction to stress, sleep cycle, metabolism, blood pressure, and blood sugar, and have a negative impact on testosterone levels. You want lower cortisol levels by reducing stress. Not only will this help your overall health, but it can also help maintain ideal testosterone levels. One study from 2016 found that stressful events can cause changes to the testosterone levels in the male body. There are many ways to reduce stress, including exercising and masturbating!

Rest Well and Sleep Well
A good night’s sleep can make all the difference. According to a study done by the University of Chicago, a restless night and poor quality sleep is associated with reduced testosterone and higher levels of cortisol. With quality sleep, you can maintain and possibly bring back a reasonable level of testosterone. So, if you haven’t been sleeping well, it’s time to get those 8 hours in!

Change your diet
Like anything else, what you eat can make a huge difference in your body. A great way to increase your testosterone levels naturally is through your food. Including a few things from the ingredient list below is an easy way to do this.


Foods That Help Increase Testosterone

According to medical professionals, having a balanced diet with vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc are important for an optimal level of testosterone. Here is a list of food that you can add to your diet that can help increase your testosterone levels:

  • Ginger
  • Oyster
  • Protein (Meat, Beans, & Nuts)
  • Pomegranates
  • Dark Leafy Greens (Spinach, Kale, Collard Greens, Swiss Chard)
  • Fatty Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Trout)
  • Avocados

Read more about these ingredients and how they can help your sex life here.



Testosterone plays an essential role in our bodies. Having the perfect amount of testosterone can help alleviate symptoms of low libido, moodiness, impotence, and other issues. With simple changes to your lifestyle and your diet, you can naturally increase your testosterone. Please keep in mind to always check up with your doctors regarding your conditions and any major lifestyle changes.

P.S. Masturbating can help your sleep and also produce feel-good hormones that can reduce cortisol levels, which can help you naturally increase testosterone levels indirectly. So if you are looking for a good time, and want to indirectly raise your testosterone, why not try some self-pleasure? There are many health benefits to masturbating!


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