Best Articles of Fall/Winter 2021

In order to help as many people as possible discover more about themselves and their sexuality, we have not only shared great products over the years, we have also shared some great information through our blogs. Today, we want to review some of the most popular TENGA articles of Fall/Winter 2021. Find out what other people have been curious about and check out some posts you may have missed but would probably love to read!

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Small, compact, and affordable. These are a few reasons why the TENGA EGGs have been one of our most popular disposable items to date. They are made of a super-stretchable material, which can fit almost any size without issue. The EGGs can also stretch for complete coverage, or concentrate stimulation to the head. Use this simple, how-to guide on maximizing your pleasure with the TENGA EGG.
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According to TENGA’s Global Self Pleasure Report in 2021, 52% of men who masturbate are using adult content. Pornography is so effective at hooking users because it triggers two key factors that can become addictive in nature – sexual urges and dopamine. But what are some of the long-term effects of using porn and how does it affect you? Is it better to masturbate without using pornography? In this blog, we weigh the pluses and minuses of using porn as a tool for masturbation.
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Your TENGA is an investment in your overall well-being and healthcare. Caring for your reusable items will make them last and serve you well for a long time. We offer some great tips on how to maintain your items so that they stay in excellent shape for your next sexual experience, including links to useful videos and frequently asked questions.
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Over the years, the TENGA line of products has grown considerably. With so much to choose from, we also know some people have questions about which item is best for them. Everyone is unique, and depending on the style, texture and firmness, you may experience more satisfaction with one TENGA toy over another. That is why we have created this post, not just for the beginner in mind, but for anyone seeking the best experience possible. We think everyone who reads this article can find answers to their questions.
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The Original TENGA CUP is the flagship of all TENGA products. The disposable CUPs provide incredible suction and stimulation via the unique internal details and varying firmness of the elastomer. The TENGA CUP Series of masturbators all feature a Smooth Pad insertion system. This not only allows the user to have air-tightness and less lubricant leakage but aids in evenly applying the contained lubricant in the CUP as you insert.

There are many other variations of TENGA CUPs (U.S. and SD with strong or gentle varieties), each of which offer a wide range of distinct sensations and experiences. And since TENGA CUPs are disposable, once you’re done, simply dispose of the CUP. The distinctive design makes the TENGA CUP self-contained, so there is less mess and little stress to deal with.
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By now, we hope it’s clear that TENGA has been working hard towards helping everyone discover their own path to pleasure. We may be human beings, but we do all have different likes and unique preferences. Which is why we want you to take your time, try as many TENGA products as you like, and use us as a resource for finding what’s perfect for you. We’ve only mentioned the top five blog posts of Fall/Winter 2021, but years of research and listening to customers have made us a good source to learn and try new things.

We hope that you enjoy the articles and enjoy your new TENGA as well!

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