Masturbator VS. Masturbater: Meaning and Usage

Most of us have heard of the phrase “learn something new every day,” it is very common and is definitely a great habit to incorporate into our lives. It can help you expand your knowledge and keep things interesting as you discover something new throughout your life. So today, that something new you will learn is the meaning of the words masturbator and masturbater.

Have you ever wondered if the words masturbator and masturbater are the same, if not, what are the differences, and how would you use them? In this blog, let us explore the meaning and the usage of masturbator and masturbater.



Masturbator VS. Masturbater

First, the words masturbators and masturbaters are the same. Both words are pronounced the same, the only main difference is the letter “o” and “e”. In many cases, the two words might be used interchangeably. So let’s learn more about the definition of these words and how to use them.


What Is A Masturbator?

According to the Oxford dictionary, masturbator means a person that masturbates, and oftentimes it refers to a person who masturbates regularly or habitually. The original word, ‘masturbate’ comes from two Latin words, ‘manus’ (hand) and ‘stuprare’ (to defile) combined to make ‘manstuprare’ (to defile by hand). The word ‘masturbate’ then has the ending suffix changed to ‘or’, where it is used as a way to label or address a person that performs the action of masturbation. In some usage, the word masturbator can be seen as derogatory.

Masturbator also has an alternative meaning; it is a device used during masturbation to heighten sexual pleasure, and can enhance the act of masturbation. For many, when mentioning masturbators, the first things that pops into their minds are sex toys that often times replicate sexual organs that can be used when masturbating.


What About Masturbater?

Masturbater is an alternative form of the word masturbator. This means it could mean either a person who masturbates or a device that is used for masturbation. Unlike the word masturbator, the popularity of the masturbater is relatively low, while it is still used every now and then. The majority of people and brands use the word masturbator with the meaning with either meaning interchangeably.



TENGA's Masturbators

At TENGA, we use the word masturbator with the definition of a device to help enhance masturbation. TENGA as a brand focuses mainly on creating high-quantity masturbators for penis-owners. Not only do we hope to help improve masturbation, but our bigger goal is to enrich individuals’ sexual wellness, and to bring sexuality to the forefront, for everyone to enjoy.

At TENGA, we have a wide variety of different masturbators for the penis. One of the best examples of a TENGA masturbator is our long-time fan favorite, the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP. The TENGA Original Vacuum CUP is the one that started it all, the simple yet well-thought-out design allows anyone who is curious or interested in masturbation to be able to try it without any worries. TENGA was created with the aim to allow more people to enjoy their sexuality.

Another popular TENGA masturbator is the TENGA FLIP ZERO, a reusable masturbator. The TENGA FLIP ZERO is one of the bestsellers, with sleek designs and incredible sensations. In addition, based on our users' feedback, we were able to make improvements to provide the best masturbation experience for our users.

Since the creation of the TENGA Original Vacuum CUP, we also have created many products that are meant for people that are much more experienced and want to try something new, for example stronger sensations (TENGA Original Vacuum CUP - Strong Edition) or vibrations (TENGA FLIP ZERO Electronic Vibration). TENGA products are mainly divided into 2 categories, disposable and reusable. Depending on your preferences, you will most likely find the perfect masturbator for you. Our sister brand, iroha, mainly provides masturbators for vulva-owners, vibrators, and so on.



Now that you know what masturbator means and the different usages for masturbator and masturbater, the next time you are in a conversation about masturbation, you can show off what you learned today, as well as your impressive command of the English language.

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