Hand Masturbation

Chances are, when you were growing up you used your hands to feel and get familiar with many things. The tactile sensations gave you the experience of being able to know what feels good and how to repeat it. You may have also had your first masturbation experience by using your hands, and it was probably an eye-opening experience. Hand masturbation was a great way to introduce yourself to self-pleasure, but does it still have a place in your life? Here we look at the significance of hand masturbation and where it stands for you.


Why Masturbate by Hand?

As we mentioned earlier, learning about ourselves and our bodies obviously involves sensing. The tactile experience provides our brains with a wealth of information we need and use in the future to know what is safe and what is not safe, what feels painful and what feels pleasurable. From touch, we learn things like roughness, smoothness, hardness, softness, dryness and wetness, among other physical qualities. From masturbating with your hand, you learned where it felt good, how fast you liked it and how firm a grip you needed to orgasm. Hand masturbating was a great path to your learning experience.

And hand musturbation is always available for you, whether you are alone, without any tools, or without any money. Hand masturbation is like a loyal friend. It's not like you have to reject hand masturbation for some other type of masturbation. It's there for you whenever you want. 

So to answer the question why masturbate by hand, the obvious answer is “because you can.” It’s an obvious answer to a silly question. You have the right to use whatever tools are at your disposal to feel pleasure. Feeling good in the moment, so long as there is no harm to anyone else, is usually not a bad thing.


Hand Masturbation vs. Sex Toys

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But is hand masturbation better than a sex toy? Let's talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages that sex toys have over masturbation by hand.

  • Advantages to Sex Toys

Sometimes our intensity to feel pleasure may cause us to hold on a bit too tight. When we repeatedly do this, it may cause your body to get used to only being able to climax from intense pressure, known as death grip. One area where sex toys can help is in its consistency to provide a constant, safer level of firmness and pressure when masturbating.

In addition, sex toys have taken a great leap forward in technology, and will probably continue to advance in ways we cannot imagine. TENGA has developed elastomers and lotions to enhance pleasure to new heights. The internal details of each item have been meticulously designed to provide stimulation in the right areas. 

Electronic vibration on many TENGA items gives you not only vibrational stimulation, but various patterns and strengths to choose from depending on your mood. We also have sleeves that literally spin during stroking and provide intense suction for even more pleasure. Lastly, our toys are purposely made not to look like parts of the human anatomy, so they are less likely to be seen as sex toys but rather like pieces of home decor.

  • Disadvantages to Sex Toys

The main disadvantage of sex toys would be the cost. Some can range from as little as 10 dollars for disposable items, but some can reach as high as several hundred dollars for higher, technologically advanced products. You also need to take proper care of, and maintain your items so that they last you a long time. 

While this may be a financial hurdle to owning a sex toy for some, the feel and level of stimulation are designed to provide incredible and varied sensations, whereas hand masturbation essentially leaves you with the same feeling every time. 

Another disadvantage that many sex toys have is that they look like sexual body parts. While it may be arousing during the heat of the moment, it’s not something you want lying around the house when your partner’s family arrives for dinner. As we have mentioned, TENGA has tried to solve this issue by making its items aesthetically pleasing in design, even receiving the coveted Red Dot Design Award a number of times. Some items could even be set out in the open or placed on a bookcase and not be recognized as a sex toy.


So give yourself a hand, or don't. You don’t have to exclude either option; choose either masturbating by hand or using a sex toy, or both. It's all about what you're in the mood for. Sex toys do have great advantages, but if one is not available when the time is right, you always have your "right hand man" (or is it your left?). If you do choose to use a sex toy, please check out the TENGA Store. We have a large selection of items that will suit anyone's needs and budget!

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