Masturbation Isn’t Embarrassing

Ever been caught masturbating? Despite having the door closed, they somehow managed to pry it open, and like Pandora's Box, all of your deepest, darkest secrets just flood out into the world. Life will never be the same. Getting caught masturbating can be a bit of a tense situation at that moment. How will you survive? 

Fear not, because "this too, shall pass". And now, since you've already experienced the worst thing that could happen, let's talk about embarrassing masturbation moments and how you might be able to approach the situation after you get your pants back on.


Why Do We Feel Embarrassed?

Let’s Talk About It

If You Are Caught with Your Pants Down


Why Do We Feel Embarrassed?

Let us preface that masturbation isn’t embarrassing, it is perfectly natural, and just about everybody you know, or have known, has done it. Yes, really! It’s probably true.

So let's first talk about why we feel so embarrassed and ashamed about masturbation. As children, the act felt good and as natural as eating, sleeping or passing gas. It still feels just as good. But perhaps your parents, and their parents, but they told you that masturbating was shameful and maybe even sacrilegious. 

We have discussed the history of masturbation and how, over the years, the once-honored act came to be viewed as a sinful practice. While we weren't there to witness history, masturbation, which was a must on any Egyptian pharaoh’s to-do list in order to have a prosperous new year, somehow became the tool of the devil to control minds and sell cornflakes in this modern age. Unfortunately, fear and shame have always been powerful and effective tools in controlling the behaviors of people. 

The question is, do we want it to stay that way?

Let's Talk About It

If masturbation is so real and natural, why can't we talk about it with others, especially with those closest to you? The truth is, masturbation is real for everybody. Nearly everyone has done it. What if you told others in your circle of trust that you do it? Your bravery and courage to share one of your most intimate secrets, even though it's no secret, can gain you an even deeper level of respect with the people you care about. 

Of course, we cannot read peoples' minds, nor know what kind of background they have, so there may be a polarizing, opposite effect to your revelation; your candor may not always bring the understanding you seek. Some may criticize you for lack of self-control, some may pray for your soul, some may wish to completely change the subject and pretend nothing happened. 

Positive or negative feedback that you may receive, take to heart that we have had a number of notable people discuss using TENGA products from around the world. Just take a look at some testimonials here. They wouldn't say these things if they didn't mean it.

If You Are Caught with Your Pants Down

If you do get caught in the act, stand with your head up high! But maybe cover yourself first. If there is initial embarrassment on the side of the witness, you can always change the subject until a time when they are ready to hear what you have to say. Some people will never be ready to talk about it. That unfortunately can't always be helped. 

  • What if your spouse catches you?

You mean the love of your life? The same person that you took vows with to take care of each other in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer? How about in times when pants are on or off? Have a talk with your partner. You made a commitment that should be much deeper than a little embarrassing moment. Maybe they will want to help next time! Non-married partners, too, if they are as committed to the relationship as you are, will most likely give you the benefit of the doubt.

  • What if your child catches you?

Of course, this can be a tricky situation. If you have been telling your child to abstain from masturbation, getting caught doing the very thing you told them not to do is quite hypocritical. If you've set strict restrictions on their self-pleasure, inevitably they will find a way to experience their own self-discovery, even if you tried locking them in a maximum-security prison, or binding them in a straightjacket. Think of how you were able to discover self-pleasure yourself and how clever you were. The chip-off-the-old-block is just as smart as you, if not smarter. 

Time to tell the truth about how you really feel about masturbation. If it's okay for you to do, then it should be okay for them as well. Just tell them to make sure and lock the door if they want privacy, and stay safe in their exploration. 

If you've always felt positively about masturbation, now would be a good time to reinforce all the benefits of masturbating to them. While we are not encouraging them to masturbate all the time, they should be aware of why people do it and whether it helps them with stress or overall health so they can make their own informed decision.


While getting caught off-guard doing anything is always a surprising situation, getting caught off-guard masturbating can be a big shock for you as well as the person who witnessed it. Now is the time to keep level-headed, even though getting caught masturbating may be embarrassing at that moment. Masturbation is natural, just remember that the majority of people do it. So let's stop pretending that we don't masturbate and start talking about it with more honesty and appreciation.

Masturbation May is the perfect time to begin the dialog. To learn more about the movement and how you may participate, check out the Love me TENGA and iroha blogs we have dedicated to this subject.  

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