Perfect Physique Pack

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What do I get?

So you may be new to TENGA, but you're looking for peak performance right off the bat! We love the ambition and have got the pack for you. If you got what it takes, the Perfect Physique Pack will take your pleasure to new heights!

The Perfect Physique Pack contains:

TENGA Lotion Regular

What’s in it for me?

So you've been around the sex-toy block before and want to dive in with a TENGA toy that'll last! Don't go anywhere - we've got you covered.

The apex of TENGA innovation and a top seller since it was released - look no further than this, people!

 The TENGA FLIP ZERO features a state-of-art design with the entry point on the hinge, to prevent lotion leakage, not to mention the intricate internal details for mind-blowing sensations. Squeeze the Pressure pads on the sides to apply pressure across the device and activate the suction function by squeezing out the internal air.

That’s not all though - the ingenious Flip-Open design ensures hassle-free cleaning, while the Slide Arms act as a drying stand for hygienic drying.

Elevate your experience with TENGA Lotion Regular.

Like a great spotter, TENGA Lotion Regular  assists the FLIP ZERO in maxing out your pleasure. This high-quality lotion gives you the optimal glide to get the most out of your FLIP ZERO. Unleash your true potential for pleasure with the perfect lotion companion.

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