What Size TENGA CUP Should I Get?

The TENGA CUP Series is the flagship of our TENGA Lineup. The history of TENGA and the TENGA CUPs are so inextricably connected that we cannot talk about TENGA without mentioning the CUP Series. However, despite the CUPs being the flagship of our entire line of self-pleasure products, the CUPs have been continuously changing and adapting to meet the needs and preferences of a growing customer base.

From its early beginnings, the CUPs has expanded into many varieties, developing new internal details to levels of firmness, even accessories to enhance your self-pleasure or partnered experience. The CUPs provide some of the widest varieties of sensations we offer.

However, with so many internal details, sizes, and firmnesses, it can get a bit overwhelming to choose the right one for you. For example, the CUPs now come in different sizes, such as the U.S., SD and Standard varieties. In this article, we discuss the different CUP sizes and how you can choose the best fit for your pleasure. 


Different Strokes for Different Folks

Still Can’t Choose? Here’s What We Suggest

Different Strokes for Different Folks

a TENGA for anyone, any size

As we have mentioned before, with so many CUPs to choose from, it can be a little confusing which one might be the ‘best’ choice for you. Let's first talk about the different sizes that the CUPs come in. 

Do not be fooled, the sizes of the CUPs do not reflect a difference in penis length. You do not have to be well-endowed to use the U.S. CUP, nor is the SD CUP meant for smaller penises. They are sized this way in order for anyone with a penis to experience a different sensation with each different model. 



Let's start with an introduction to the SD Series.

First off, SD stands for Super Direct. The SD TENGA CUPs are made so you can reach all the way to the end, to enjoy stimulation from quick strokes and direct stimulation to the tip. Strong and Gentle variations are also available to vary your level of stimulation. 



The TENGA U.S. CUP Series was renewed in 2022. The U.S. in the name stands for Ultra Size, being 1.2x larger than the Standard CUPs. This creates a much stronger suction than the Standard CUP, regardless of the user’s size. But to be clear, the U.S. CUPs can be used by anyone, regardless of size. Try both the Strong and Gentle variations as well so you can vary your stimulation strength according to your mood. 

The U.S. TENGA CUPs vary slightly in dimension depending on the firmness.


standard CUPs

Here, we move on to the Standard sizes. Again, we want to point out that the CUP sizes do not reflect the size of the penis, as most penis sizes will work with any of the CUPS. As we have written before, research has determined that there is an approximate average penis size. Most TENGA products are designed with these measurements in mind, averaging insertion lengths between 5 and 6 inches, and maximum diameters of approximately 2 inches. With that in mind, we have created a large variety of the STANDARD TENGA CUPs. The Series has really branched out and found an appeal to many different users. Here is a brief summary of each of the varieties available:

Original Vacuum CUP - The Ultimate Suction Experience

Original Vacuum CUP

The Original Vacuum CUP features its celebrated hourglass shape and valve-structure that provide constriction and amazing suction, with all new internal details upgraded from 15 years of engineering advancement.

Soft Case CUP - Stimulation Control at Your Fingertips

Soft Case CUP

The Soft Case CUP allows you to manipulate the pressure during use for the sensation you desire, with the ability to squeeze in the middle for extra constriction.

Rolling Head CUP - Manipulate the Stimulation For 360° Pleasure

Rolling Head CUP

With the adoption of a flexible, spiraling body that squeezes as you insert, enjoy 360° sensations at the tip of your shaft with a bulbous stimulation orb deep within.

Dual Sensation CUP - Double the Sensation from Contrasting Sides

Dual Sensation CUP

The “Tough Side” firmly tightens while the “Tender Side” gently stimulates. Enjoy either one side at a time, or be captivated by the contrasting sensations from both ends of the item.

Air Flow CUP - Envelop Yourself in Cushion-Soft Sensations

Air Flow CUP

The airflow structure of our unique spiral-ribbed sleeve allows for a completely new sensation of pushback upon insertion. Be blown away by the combo of strong suction and delicate stimulation.

And all the variations also come in a Delicate Gentle Edition and Dynamic Strong Edition because some days you want a gentle enveloping sensation and on other days you may feel like having a more stimulating experience!

Delicate Gentle Edition and Dynamic Strong Edition

To find the specific dimensions of each type of CUP, go to the TENGA Store.

And, of course, all of our TENGA CUPs are disposable and pre-lubricated.




Everything that is available in the Standard Series you can get in a Premium version, too. The PREMIUM TENGA CUP Series features an internal elastomer sleeve that is 1.5x thicker than the Standard version, still providing TENGA’s famous Original Vacuum CUP sensations, but with a more intense feel from insertion to finish. Perfect for when you want to give yourself the gift of luxurious pleasure, the PREMIUM TENGA CUP Series is here.

XTR Gentle and XTR Strong

XTR Gentle and XTR Strong

In 2022, TENGA announced the EXTRA STRONG and EXTRA GENTLE variations to the TENGA CUP Series. For those who would like to level up their GENTLE & STRONG experience, these new additions to the TENGA CUP SERIES will satisfy even the pickiest connoisseur. To sum up the XTR variants:

TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP XTR Gentle - The fine details and smooth nubs designed into the soft material provide an exquisitely gentle wrapping stimulation. This is the TENGA CUP SERIES' most indulgent sensation yet.

TENGA ORIGINAL VACUUM CUP XTR Strong - An extreme constriction, with a radical internal design that twists and turns, providing an extraordinary gripping sensation. The TENGA CUP SERIES' most powerful stimulation yet.


- Experience the Ultimate Combination of Vacuum Suction & Rotating Sensations!



One of our newest items in the TENGA CUP Series, the TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER combines the gyro-sensor-controlled-rotation of the TENGA GYRO ROLLER with the suction of the TENGA VACUUM CONTROLLER attachments. Simultaneously enjoy powerful rolling stimulation, and strong, electronic suction. For use with the ROLLING TENGA CUPs, made exclusively for the VGR. And if you ever have a question about sizes, we always list the dimensions on the TENGA Store.

Still Can’t Choose? Here’s What We Suggest

So you're still not sure which TENGA CUP to buy? Why not try several to start with? The fun part of all the variety that the TENGA CUPs offer is you never have to choose only one. Try a few today, and the next time, try a few others. Be aware that sometimes your mood will dictate the type of sensation you desire, and it may not be the same each day. TENGA CUPs are priced affordably for anyone to try. 

Remember, the sizes of the CUPs do not reflect a difference in penis length. You don’t have to be well-endowed to use the U.S. CUP, nor is the SD CUP meant for smaller penises. They are sized this way in order for anyone with a penis to experience a different sensation with each different model. 

To summarize most of what we have mentioned, here is a chart which gives you a brief visual of the CUP Series, the variants and the types of sensations:

CUP Series

We hope this helps you decide which TENGA CUP is best for you. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself and discover all the pleasure that your body and soul craves. We’re just here to help you make that happen!

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