What to do to Make Your Penis Strong

There comes a time in many young people’s lives when they look up how to strengthen their penis. Whether it’s to last longer during sex, achieve stronger orgasms, have stronger erections, or just for the pride of having a bigger penis. Well, if you are reading this article, it means your time has come. Hopefully, we can provide you with the answers that you seek. 


Is the Penis a Muscle?

Before delving into ways to strengthen and experience the benefits we desire, it's essential to understand what we aim to improve. Firstly, let's clarify that the penis is not a muscle, although it does contain some muscles that aid in achieving an erection. Instead, it primarily consists of spongy tissue that fills with blood during erection. Despite this, there are methods to enhance penis health and even improve the quality of erections and endurance in bed. However, when it comes to increasing penis size, there doesn't appear to be a natural and safe methodNonetheless, as the saying goes, "It's not the size that matters, but how you use it!"

Get Moving

So, how can you improve penis health and make it strong? Well, a great starting point is incorporating more physical activity into your routine. Cardio and physical exercises offer numerous benefits, too many to list comprehensively in this article. However, we'll focus on the key advantages that contribute to a ‘stronger’ penis.

One significant benefit of physical activity is its positive impact on your heart. Regular exercise strengthens the heart, enabling it to pump more blood efficiently and maintain clear arteries. As a result, increased blood flow to the penis can lead to stronger and more sustainable erections. Now, if you hear "physical exercise" and worry about having to start jogging religiously, fear not! Any aerobic activity will do the trick, whether it's running, swimming, biking, brisk walking, or even engaging in your favorite sport. The important thing is to remain consistent, aiming for a few sessions per week that last around 30 to 40 minutes.

By staying active and prioritizing your cardiovascular health, you can take a proactive step towards enhancing your overall penile health and well-being.

Kegel Exercises

We’ve mentioned Kegel Exercises in the past, but here are some of the benefits for the penis and strength. The muscles that kegel exercises target are called the pelvic floor muscles. When this muscle gets strong, they provide a healthier bladder and sexual function. Kegel exercises are also a great way to combat erectile dysfunction.

How to do Kegels: 

First things first. You have to learn how to find and control the pelvic floor muscles. To do this, imagine you are urinating in a bathroom, and for whatever reason you have to stop the stream mid-way. If you feel muscles clenching, they are probably the pelvic floor muscles.  Hold those muscles for about five seconds and then unclench them. Repeat that process for 3 sets of 10 reps a day. 

Like any other muscle training, don’t do too much at once and allow your body to rest and heal. If you get to the point where the basic program above gets too easy for you. You can move on to add a little more resistance to your training 

Towel Hangs

This is what separates advanced lifters from beginners. Similar to any other muscle, to continue making progress with your pelvic floor muscles, you can introduce "weighted resistance" to challenge them further. Enter the towel hang.

The exercise is exactly what it sounds like. To perform the towel hang exercise, place a small towel or sock on your erect penis and then clench your pelvic floor muscles just as you would in a basic kegel exercise. This will lift the towel draped over your penis. Be sure to be standing when doing this movement. Keep the reps the same as the basic kegel exercises and don’t try to lift anything that’s heavier than a small wet towel. 


And there you have it – the steps to improve penile “strength” and achieve better sexual stamina and stronger orgasms. You’ll also get the bonus benefits of overall health improvement if you decide to improve your physical activity. Unfortunately, the natural methods to increase penis size remain a mystery as of now. However, with the techniques mentioned above, you now possess the tools to enhance your sexual experiences and overall performance.

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