All About “Blue Balls”

Blue balls” has become standard vocabulary for English speakers, as the phrase is commonly used to describe discomfort in the testicles due to an unsatisfied erection. There is mystery shrouding the truth behind this phenomenon, mostly due to people sometimes using “blue balls”  as an excuse to their partners as to why their erection is a serious situation that must be dealt with.
There are many questions about blue balls, not only because of the deceiving nature in which they are often brought up, but also because the testicles are a sensitive and important part of any owner’s body. Many people are curious about blue balls as it can be a concerning sensation. If we feel pain in our testicles, it should be determined whether this pain is from blue balls or something more severe that should be examined immediately.
Let’s look into what blue balls are exactly, how to get rid of blue balls, and what products from the TENGA STORE USA can come in handy in this dire situation.


What are Blue Balls?

A common question people have is “are blue balls real?” The answer is yes, and they are medically referred to as epididymal hypertension (EH).

EH is caused by the buildup of blood that is sent to your genitals when you are erect and preparing for sexual activity not being released and remaining built up in your genital region.

How Do I Get Rid of Blue Balls

The buildup of blood is typically released during orgasm, preventing any pain or “blue balls”-related discomfort. Thus, orgasm is the most optimal blue balls prevention tool.

If your genital pain has already begun, it might be hard to reach orgasm or masturbate due to the testicular pain. For this instance, it may be more appealing to use a softer sex toy to orgasm and release the blood buildup that is causing any pain. The TENGA EGG Series products are soft and flexible disposable masturbators that can be helpful in that their soft material and stimulating interiors can be used to delicately rub or stroke one to orgasm.

If you’d like a reusable item on hand to help softly satisfy your genitals in pain, the TENGA 3D and TENGA GEO series may be what you’re looking for.

Are Blue Balls a Serious Issue?

While discomfort in the genitals can be concerning, pain caused from “blue balls” usually resolves quickly and isn't considered a real threat to one’s health.

If you are suffering from blue balls, or epididymal hypertension (EH), your best bets are to either wait it out or make a careful attempt at orgasm to release the buildup of blood.

Blue balls will resolve on their own relatively quickly, so they should never be used as an excuse to force any sexual interaction. If your sexual partner is insisting on intercourse because of blue balls, there should be a conversation had about not pressuring sex from each other. Then, inform them that it will go away on its own, or hand them a soft and friendly TENGA EGG to find relief with.

If you are having persistent, non-resolving pain in the genitals, it is possibly a condition more serious than blue balls and should be seen by a medical professional as soon as possible.


To summarize, blue balls are in fact real and are medically referred to as epididymal hypertension (EH).

This, however, is not an excuse for forcing any sexual interaction, as blue balls will be relieved on their own as the buildup of blood that causes discomfort naturally disperses away from the genital region.

If EH is a common theme in your life, we suggest diversifying your ways of reaching ejaculation by trying out the items from the TENGA STORE USA. If your genital pain persists, contact a medical professional.

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