What Happens if You Stop Ejaculating?

The mythology behind what happens when men stop ejaculating is quite dense. There are a number of reasons some men decide to stop ejaculating. Some believe refraining from ejaculation can bring men the strength, smarts, and ability they only dreamed of when they were mere masturbators. Others have moral or religious objections to sexual pleasure. Reasoning aside, some people are often curious what would happen if they were to start building up all that sperm their testicles are producing, rather than letting it loose whenever they get the chance.
While there isn’t any scientific proof behind refraining from ejaculation giving men superpowers, there are still minor changes in the body that can be observed and discussed. Let’s take a look at what really happens when you stop ejaculating.


What is Semen Retention?

Attempting to keep your semen within your testicles is a practice referred to as “semen retention.” Preventing oneself from ejaculating semen from the body has been practiced for ages by people of all sorts of creeds. For example, ancient Hindu literature contains the belief that semen is a vital essence that shouldn’t be lost in order to preserve power

There are similar sentiments arising from NoFap, an online community that originated on Reddit in 2011. This group promotes ideas of refraining from masturbation and pornography having general positive effects on an individual’s mental and physical state.

What Effects Does Not Ejaculating Have on the Body?

Many pro-semen retention believers may provide this research article in which 28 volunteers found their testosterone to rise on the 7th day of practicing abstinence. It should be noted, however, that 28 volunteers can only be considered a miniscule study, and the article has been retracted since its publication in 2002.

The body automatically breaks down unused sperm when it is not ejaculated from the body, so building sperm up within your body is an impossibility that should be dismissed when presented as a reason not to ejaculate.

For those hoping to build up their sperm for fertility reasons, data suggests that there are no major negative effects from frequent ejaculation over a 2 week period, meaning holding back from any masturbatory desires for the sake of sperm is a pointless endeavor. In fact, this study found that those wanting to improve their sperm quality may want to shorten their period of abstinence, and another found that peak sperm motility is found after a 7-10 day abstinence.

Should I Stop Ejaculating?

In this TENGA Blog, the benefits of masturbation such as improvements to the skin, heart health, immune system, sleep and more are provided. While masturbation does not always equal ejaculation, they are closely related, and preventing yourself from masturbation and ejaculation is withdrawing yourself from all the benefits these natural bodily functions provide.

While there aren’t any large risk factors for stopping ejaculation as the body naturally breaks down unejaculated sperm, we here at TENGA are huge proponents for self-pleasure and the health benefits that come with masturbation and ejaculation.

If you are encountering delayed or premature ejaculation issues from masturbation, it is suggested to simply alter your masturbation style, as these issues should not arise if healthy masturbation and ejaculation habits are being pursued. Please speak to a medical professional if these issues arise.


Whether it’s the ancient Hindu scriptures that believe semen to be an elixir or a recent Reddit post on how someone passed the SATs thanks to not ejaculating, there has always been literature questioning whether ejaculation is good for you or not.

While these questions exist, there has yet to be scientific evidence of mental or physical benefits from stopping ejaculation.

On the other hand, there are plenty of proven benefits to masturbation, and you can even learn to Masturbate Better with our library of TENGA products.

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