Masturbation Odor

You may have at some point wondered about masturbation causing body odors. You may have seen people asking on the internet about whether masturbation creates body odors or if people can smell when you have masturbated.  Is it nonsense or is there some truth to it? In this article, we debunk the myths and find the truth.


Let's First Talk About Masturbation

We should also address “the elephant in the room” that still seldom gets discussed in social circles; the subject of masturbation itself. We know that masturbation is a completely normal and a healthy part of life. It is a form of self-exploration and self-pleasure that can provide a variety of physical and emotional benefits. In fact, we have written articles that have mentioned that regular masturbation can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost self-esteem. 

We just wanted to mention that masturbation should never be something to be ashamed about.  Chances are that even your parents "did it" at least once, or maybe a few hundred times in their lives (you may have some catching up to do)! So please do not let others make you feel guilty about masturbating. 

One day we hope that we do not have to constantly address this issue, as more and more people will know the benefits of masturbation, but until then, we are going to continue to shine a bright light on all of its benefits.


Is Masturbation Odor Really A Thing?

One of the issues pointing a negative light on masturbation is the thought that it might cause odors. But does masturbation actually create a certain odor? There is a common myth that masturbation can cause body odor and that after masturbating, people can know that you have masturbated due to the smell. 

Fortunately, there is no conclusive evidence to support this. Masturbation itself does not cause a specific body odor. However, there are some factors after having masturbated,that can contribute to general body odor. For example, excessive sweating can lead to body odor due to accumulation of bacteria, and vigorous masturbation can cause sweating. 

A hot summer day can easily cause the bacteria in sweat to increase rapidly and cause odors to spread. And of course, during masturbation fluids will be secreted, and without washing sufficiently or cleaning up around the genital area, the bacteria and oils left behind can potentially lead to unpleasant odors. So it is important to wash and clean up after a self-pleasure session. 

We understand it may be difficult for a proper cleanup after a very pleasant, earth-shaking session, but after you have had time to relax, it would be wise to clean yourself and clean up the surrounding area. In addition, smegma (Yes, smegma is a real thing, not just some funky word you hear in a funny movie). is a crusty accumulation of dead skin cells and oils that keep the genitals moist. Whether you masturbate or not, smegma will accumulate. If smegma is not cleaned off regularly, it can build up, resulting in a thick white substance and may cause odors

So to sum it up, masturbation itself does not produce odors, but bacteria from sweating or bacteria from lack of proper cleaning after masturbating can lead to odors.

So, what can you do to prevent body odor? The most important thing is to practice good hygiene. It has been found that it is not the sweat itself that causes odors, but the bacteria carried in the sweat that grows and accumulates that give off a smell over time. 

Make sure to wash your hands before and after masturbating to prevent the spread of bacteria. You may also want to consider showering or using a washcloth to clean your body and genital area after masturbating. Stay dry and fresh! Did we mention always wear clean underwear (no, we didn’t talk with your mother about this)?

In Conclusion

Masturbation itself does not cause body odor, but certain factors related to masturbation, such as accumulation of bacteria after sweating, and not cleaning up sufficiently can contribute to bad odors. Practicing good hygiene and wearing breathable clothing can help. Remember, masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life and should be continued, as there is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. We urge you to “keep on keeping on” and feeling good, because that’s what TENGA is all about, the freedom to enjoy being you and feeling your best!

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