Gen Xers and Masturbation

Sometimes referred to as the "New Lost Generation", or the “Forgotten Generation”, as they are sandwiched between two larger generational groups; the Baby Boomers and the Millennials, Generation X has often been overlooked. However, Gen Xers, born between 1965 and 1980, are currently at the height of their economic potential, and will soon be the top economic "breadwinners", as Baby Boomers begin to reach retirement and into their seventies and eighties over the next few years. Another area where Gen Xers are still "alive and kicking" is their sex lives. Gen Xers are still very much major consumers of sex toys.  Let's take a look at their impact and see why this "New Lost Generation" should not be counted out!




    Gen X Demographics

    While Gen X has fallen below in net worth compared to its previous generation Baby Boomers, there are many powerful and influential leaders born from this generation. Let's not forget Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX), Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jeff Bezos who started Amazon and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey are just a few Gen Xers.  

    In terms of today's earning power, Gen X has taken over the lead from Baby Boomers by 23% of the total earnings share in the U.S. compared to 22% by the Boomers.  As Baby Boomers begin to retire, this gap will increase for a number of years. In fact, the average U.S. Gen X household earns more than any other generational household does - $113,455 (that's compared to $84,975 for Millennial households, and $78,508 for the average Boomer household) according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. A primary reason is because Gen Xers are in their prime working and earning years. So yes, Gen Xers, in general, have the money. Now what are they using some of their hard-earned dollars on?



     The TENGA Self-Pleasure Report

    The TENGA 2020 Self-Pleasure Report sheds a little more light on the sexual behaviors of each generation living today. It shows that while Gen Xers are a bit tight-lipped about discussing sexual topics, half of those surveyed have used a sex toy in the past, and over half of those people say they are still using one. In fact, of those Gen Xers surveyed, 69% are open to purchasing a sex toy again in the future. That's second only to Millennials and ahead of Gen Zers. In addition, 86% of Gen Xers agree that masturbation is a natural thing to do, and makes people happy and reduces aggression. 


    Gen X is Sexually Active

    In short, older people do enjoy having sex and masturbating as the TENGA 2020 Self-Pleasure Report has already suggested, and according to findings from The Kinsey Institute, more than one in five Americans over age 45 (22% surveyed) said they engage in self-pleasure at least once a week*.  Another organization that supports the livelihood of Gen Xers to maintain their health and wellness, including sexual wellness, is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which has a membership of over 38 million people and supports and lobbies for rights and benefits of people over the age of 50. AARP has published a number of articles on the subject of sex and masturbation, even some articles on choosing sex toys.  So if any Gen Zers or Millennials with Gen X parents think that mom or dad don't “do it” anymore, think again!  Gen Xers are alive and kicking! They just don’t feel like talking about it out in the open as much.

    Gen Xer or not, you should always make self-pleasure synonymous with self-care. Be sure to check out some of TENGA’s ever-expanding line of products here.



    In Summary

    Overall, it's clear that Gen X is a unique and influential demographic group. With a unique history during their lifetime, they have developed their own set of characteristics and experiences. Sometimes being the caregiver or nurturer to both the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations, as well as trying to discover themselves, they can often carry a huge load of stress. Self-care and self-pleasure has certainly played an important role in their lives. They are a major economic force in the sex toy market, and will certainly be shaping a part of the future landscape of self-pleasure for a number of years to come. 

    On that note, finding your own self-pleasure is a vital part of anyone’s key to living a healthy life. Find your own personal oasis at TENGA, or our sister brand, iroha for women.

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