Why you Should Check Out the HOLE LOTION REAL

Looking for a new lube or lotion for your sex toy? There are so many different kinds available on the market that knowing which one is right for you and your toy may be confusing. If you’ve bought a TENGA toy recently or are considering purchasing one of our reusable products then the answer is simple - we recommend our HOLE LOTION Series. Specifically, HOLE LOTION REAL is perfect both for beginners and those who prefer a balanced lubricant experience.

Learn more about these amazing products and why HOLE LOTION REAL can be the perfect lube to pair with your TENGA toys.



Once TENGA started creating reusable products, it was only natural to make the perfect lotion to pair with them. The HOLE LOTION Series consists of four different LOTIONs (plus a limited-edition LOTION that we’ll cover below). HOLE LOTION REAL is indisputably the most popular of the series. It is also the same LOTION that is provided as a sample with each reusable item.

Let’s check out the amazing features of HOLE LOTION REAL:

  • Moisture retentive lubricant engineered to feel as REAL as possible!
  • Formulated to enhance your TENGA experience by highlighting each TENGA product’s internal details.
  • The bottle comes with an easy-to-use applicator to ensure easy distribution.
  • Water-based LOTION means it is compatible for use with a wide array of sex toys!
  • The bottle is discreet and easily stored.

A Quick History of the HOLE LOTION Series

The HOLE LOTION Series was released in 2017 with four different variations, each with a different viscosity designed to compliment TENGA toys in differing ways.

Due to HOLE LOTION REAL being created to be the perfect balance between a realistic feel and satisfying viscosity, it quickly became the most popular LOTION in the lineup!

As HOLE LOTION REAL is used in our sample sachets packaged with our reusable products, the majority of our customers have become partial to the REAL LOTION after experiencing it for themselves.

The HOLE LOTION Series Lineup

As previously mentioned, the HOLE LOTION Series comes in four different variations that we’re about to introduce to you. Priced at $15.00 each, you can also
mix and match three LOTIONs for 10% off! Here is a breakdown of the different LOTIONs available:

HOLE LOTION WILD has the lowest viscosity of the HOLE LOTIONs, for direct stimulation that gives a wild feeling. It is also the only HOLE LOTION that contains just a hint of menthol for an extra stimulating sensation. 

The next lotion is HOLE LOTION REAL. Similar to HOLE LOTION WILD, but with a little more viscosity and no additional menthol. As the name suggests, the HOLE LOTION REAL is intended to give a more realistic feel to the lubrication. 

HOLE LOTION MILD is the second strongest lotion in terms of viscosity but is still mild enough to provide a realistic sensation. The lubricant delicately envelopes the sex toy and gives a long-lasting yet mild feeling for the user. 

Last but not least, HOLE LOTION SOLID is the most viscous lubricant in the series. This lubricant was developed to allow the user to feel every solid edge of their sex toy while also offering long-lasting lubrication. 

We also have a new, limited edition lotion; HOLE LOTION COOL EDITION. With the same viscosity as HOLE LOTION REAL, this lotion is infused with menthol for cooling sensations, it is the same LOTION as is used in our COOL Series products.

Combining HOLE LOTIONs

Each of the HOLE LOTIONs can be combined to create new and exciting blends of stimulation - for example, in our FLIP ZERO Series you can use one LOTION for the top of the product and apply another to the base. Here are just a couple of suggestions on how to mix and match the LOTIONS.

  • Try adding HOLE LOTION MILD close to the insertion point and HOLE LOTION WILD deeper into one of the FLIP ZERO Series - for a smooth entry but the ability to feel every detail when fully inserted.
  • Use HOLE LOTION REAL near the entry point and HOLE LOTION SOLID deeper into your FLIP ZERO product - to give a more detailed stimulation along the shaft, with only the boldest details being experienced at the tip.

The only limit is your imagination! Have fun experimenting with all of our four LOTIONs to find out which combination works for you.


HOLE LOTION REAL is one of TENGA’s most popular LOTIONs and now you know why. Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out this amazing product, maybe as a gift for yourself or a friend. If you still aren’t sure which LOTION you’d like to try, you can always check out our guide on choosing your HOLE LOTION. Need a new product to try the LOTIONs with? Here are our Top 5 TENGA Reusable suggestions!

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