What is Edging, and How Does it Affect Orgasms?

Whether you're looking for a stronger orgasm, or want to know if you can control your orgasms more, some of you might have heard of this term in passing before. Here we will look into what exactly it is, why it is done and what effects it can have.


What Exactly is Edging?

In simple terms, edging is stimulating yourself until just before the point of orgasming, then stopping. This can be repeated multiple times until you are ready to come. It is called edging since you go to the ‘edge’ of the point of no return.

There are a couple of different methods people use:

The Stop/Start Method

Originally used to treat premature ejaculation, this is the basic method described above. Use any way to stimulate yourself until just before reaching climax, then stop until you ‘calm down’, usually waiting 30 seconds and taking deep breaths to stabilize. Once you no longer feel close to coming, repeat the process again and again until ready to finish.

The Squeeze Method

Similar to the stop/start method, but instead of stopping and letting go, you squeeze the head of the penis to prevent the orgasm. Then, as usual, wait 30 seconds before resuming.


This one is slightly different, as the main focus is orgasm control. Use a finger to stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis (might be different for different people) by drawing small circles. When close, stop for 30 seconds before continuing. Unlike the other techniques which are sometimes used for masturbation, this technique is specifically used to help with premature ejaculation by exercising orgasm control, so at the end you do not climax like with the others.

What are the Benefits of Edging?

So why would anyone try edging? We have mentioned helping with premature ejaculation earlier, but now it is time to go more in depth, as well as other reasons to give it a go.

This technique helps with premature ejaculation, in that you do not finish at the first opportunity. The many small breaks (during which you can change position, or just catch your breath) extends the duration of the sexual experience. The increased awareness and control of orgasms also help in the long run. Of course, the technique can be used by everyone to extend the time!

Some people also say that the repeated build ups lead to more intense orgasms at the end.

Of course, if you want to edge during sex, be sure to discuss it with your partner before, as suddenly changing routine and denying orgasms would be jarring to unexpectedly experience.

Can Edging be Harmful?

After hearing about the benefits of edging, it is time to look at possible negative effects.

Luckily edging is a technique that has many positive benefits without much in terms of downsides. The one thing to be careful of is so-called ‘blue balls’ or epidydimal hypertension from arousal without climax. However this condition goes away over time and has no long-term effect on health.


Edging is a technique that can both help prolong sex as well as make orgasms feel more intense, with no major downsides currently known. Either with someone or by yourself, it can be a new way to experience pleasure, and so is definitely worth a try if you are interested!

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