TENGA HOLE LOTION Series Review Roundup

The TENGA HOLE LOTION Series is a lineup of lotions designed specifically for use with TENGA products. With four variants of lubricant though, it can be difficult to know which might suit you. This article will help you understand a little more about the TENGA HOLE LOTION Series and which one might be best for you.


A Brief Intro to the TENGA HOLE LOTION Series

Each of TENGA's products offer a variety of differing stimulating experiences, but lube is an important part of using a sex toy and can make all the difference. The TENGA HOLE LOTION Series was designed to be used with TENGA products, but to be the perfect water-lubricant to make your TENGA sex toy feel as enjoyable as possible! Proper lubrication with the right kind of lotion is an essential addition for a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Each of the TENGA HOLE LOTION Series offers a particular level of viscosity that can enhance the stimulation from your TENGA sex toy in various ways. They can also be combined together for a truly unique experience.

Different TENGA HOLE LOTION Series Reviews

Here are some reviews from our customers about their experience with each of the HOLE LOTION Series.

Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.


The HOLE LOTION Solid is the thickest in viscosity of all the HOLE LOTIONs, which makes TENGA products more gentle.  Based on the reviews, 81% of people give the HOLE LOTION Solid a 5-star rating. 

Here are some reviews customers wrote about this item.

Simply wonderful
I couldn't be happier with this lotion, no problems with this what so ever. Works wonderfully with the TENGA 3D Zen. I will be buying this lotion again without a question.
Great lotion!!
It's the perfect lotion for the best feel with any toy.
Love it!
Not much to say about this lube, but it feels incredible and I love the viscosity. This will last you a long time and is really good with the Tenga Flip Orb products. If you combine this lube with the wild, holy crap is it spicy!


The HOLE LOTION Mild is the second thickest in viscosity of the HOLE LOTIONs. A delicate lubricant designed to give you a smooth, mild experience. Based on the reviews, 86% of people give the HOLE LOTION Mild a 5-star rating. 

Here are some thoughts from the previous buyers.

Works Great
I like the viscosity, would recommend.
Slick & smooth
Perfect viscosity for gliding in and out. No smell or taste which is awesome.
Great slide...
Its slides so smoothly...great lube!


The HOLE LOTION Real is consistently the most popular of all the HOLE LOTIONs and is the sample lubricant packaged together with new TENGA toys. The HOLE LOTION Real is designed to give the user a stimulating glide without overwhelming the internal details of our products. Based on the reviews, an amazing 81% of 166 reviews give the HOLE LOTION Real a 5-star rating. 

Favorite Lube
Best variety of textures, easy to pop off cap and squeeze nozzle.
My go-to water based lube.
Fantastic does the job. Easy to clean which is why I bought it.
Amazing product
This product works really damn well. Makes everything move smoothly, I use it with the flip zero. 


The HOLE LOTION Wild is the least thickest in viscosity of the HOLE LOTIONs. It is also the only TENGA LOTION to contain a hint of menthol for a stimulating addition to your experience. Based on the reviews, 86% of people give the HOLE LOTION Wild a 5-star rating. 

Here are just a few comments previous buyers made.

The sensation is like nothing I had before. The tingling effect gave my guy goosebumps. Definitely recommend.
I love this lube so much. I know these lubes are designed to go with Tenga's sex toys, but honestly, this lotion in particular is nice for regular masturbation! If you look at the ingredients for this lotion, it contains menthol. The menthol is responsible for a cool, tingling sensation.
Ok wow!
This is definitely my favorite lube I've used so far. Definitely pairs well with the Tenga products I've bought so far. It's also way bigger than I expected it to be.


If you’re still not sure which lubricant to choose, we have a handy blog we wrote on how to choose your TENGA HOLE LOTION. As a personal recommendation, we would advise starting with the HOLE LOTION Real then trying other varieties later. Not only are new TENGA toys packaged with a sample of this lotion, it'll act as a benchmark of how the others relate on our scale of viscosity.

If you like the TENGA HOLE LOTION Series, you can always try mixing and matching the products for a truly personalised sensation. If this sounds interesting to you, why not try the HOLE LOTION Solid and HOLE LOTION Wild for a stimulating, contrasting experience.

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