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3D Pile


Sculpted Ecstasy

The TENGA 3D Series not only look great, these pleasure sculptures can be inverted to make the external designs, the stimulating interior details! They boast a coupling of antibacterial material and a drying/storage stand for hygiene too!

An Escalating Form of Elation

Gently stacked triangular protrusions form its structure. With tightly packed triangles bearing a soft sensation at the base and a distinct rippling stimulus as they space out at the tip. The varying sensations brought around by this gradient of stimulation harmonizes both soft and hard sensations.

 How to Use the 3D

Invert the item before use.
Bringing the external design to the inside produces the stimulating internal details.

Apply lotion around the insertion point and inside the item.
Insert while removing any trapped air inside.

 Wash under running water, ensuring to rinse away all remaining fluid on the interior and exterior of the item. 
After washing, carefully wipe off any moisture on the exterior and interior of the item, then place it on the stand with details facing out to dry.

With our new antibacterial elastomer, the TENGA 3D prevents over 99.9% of bacteria from attaching to the TENGA 3D!
Enjoy hygienic use time and time again.

Product Specifications

Size (D × W × H inches): 1.89 × 1.89 × 4.57

Insertion Length (inches): Stretches to approx. 9.80

Insertion Width (inches): Stretches to approx. 3.15

Weight (lbs): 0.62

Other Specs: Reusable, Stretchable Material, Sample Lubricant Included

Tray & Stand: ABS
Internal Sleeve: Ag Antibacterial Elastomer

This product comes with:



Want to know more about the Lotion included with this item?
Get the Lotion Facts before you purchase.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65


Shipping & Packaging

Orders from the USA TENGA Store will ship in a discreet brown box as shown above, with no TENGA branding or logo on the box itself. The return addressee on the packing slip will be shown as "TENGA USA INC."

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Variety

I purchased the Pile as an alternative to the Zen. I love the material, depth, contact surface and most everything about the 3D series. I have a GEO Coral that I love so this texture seems similar. Well let me tell you, if your looking for a sensation of grip and suction, this is it. The texture is soft but effective for stimulation throughout the length/depth of the sleeve. I will use this as my mood feels the need but my go-to is the ZEN.

quick pleasure

have pile and zen. pile is more stimulating but sensation is quite odd, i recommend for a quick relief.
zen is dull but better for long lasting and training stamina and faster to clean.

Nice enhancement

The 3D pile is similar to Geo Cup coral sensation wise, with out the tug factor. As an enhancement of you package profile under very formfitting swim trunks, jeans or shorts it should definitely improve your social life. As intended as a stoker its functional with your firm grip.

way too small

if ur even kinda big they will eventually break. Hard pass.

Absolutely amazing

My girlfriend has more fun using this on me, however I am not complaining. Greatest purchase I’ve ever made

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